2019 PBCFL #6 @ Santaluces
Dates: 2/16/2019



Each school's PBCFL membership fees ($75) and league registration form must have been received by Daryl Hall by Tuesday, February 12, in order to compete at the tournament. Schools that do not achieve both of these will be ineligible to compete, and any registered students and judges will be dropped from the tournament.

$8 per student for all events (including presiding officer).


Tuesday, February 12, is the last day for registering students and entering meals. At this time, schools are responsible for the $7 meal fee.

Wednesday, February 13, at 4 p.m. is the last opportunity to drop students before the website shuts down. At this time, schools are responsible for the $8 entry fee, the $7 meal fee, and a $10 drop fee ($25 total per student).

$50 - judge drop fee for any no-show judge on Saturday morning. In addition, you will be required to drop students until the team meets the judge quota.

$25 - missed judge rounds (hidden judges).

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