2019 PBCFL #6 @ Santaluces
Dates: 2/16/2019


  • Assign the authorship speech to one person from your school in each chamber.
  • Because full-text legislation will be on-line, it is each school's responsibility to print out legislation in advance.
  • Print out your website registration/confirmation from JOT.
  • DOUBLE-CHECK your entries. If a student is not listed on your registration they will NOT be added on the morning of the tournament.
  • Make sure your judge training participants are registered on JOT. Make sure your observers are registered on JOT.
  • Make sure your student judges are marked as "student judge" on JOT.
  • Make sure you have a printout of NSDA points for your junior/senior student judges.
  • Make sure all your students have signed a behavior/attire contract.
  • Make sure you have your meal check. Make sure you have your fee check (if you are paying for this tournament at the time of registration or if your team owes money from the prior tournament).


  • Meet in the Cafeteria. Arrive no later than 7:30 a.m.
  • On-site registration closes at 7:45 a.m. Students/programs that are late may be dropped from the tournament by league officers.
  • Proceed to the registration table to pick up your registration folder. Return to your team and take attendance. Check your registration carefully; there will be a "hidden drop fee" for any drop that is not reported at registration.
  • Return to the registration table with your fees, drops, and judge changes (fees may apply).
  • Proceed to the meal ticket table and purchase your meal tickets.
  • Make SURE you have given a meal ticket to your students and all of your judges that have purchased lunches.
  • Refer to the chamber breakdown list in order to make sure all competitors know where to report.
  • DO NOT CHANGE a student's room without direction from the league director. Any student who competes in the wrong house will not receive points for any speeches given in the wrong house.
  • Have all novice chamber presiding officer candidates see Traci Lowe for instructions, folders, etc.
  • Make sure all judges report to the judge lounge for morning refreshments and to await instructions.
  • Make sure all of your judge trainees know to report to the judge trainee room.
  • As soon as your team is in rounds, please report to tab for your assignment (if you have not been been notified of this already).
  • Legislators must use their school code, NOT school name, when writing information on the board for the chamber.



  • No student member shall use an original oration, a non-original oration, or a selection of poetry, prose, or drama during a given league season which has been used by such student in any tournament of a previous season(s).
  • No school shall substitute a non-registered competitor in the place of a registered competitor on the day of competition.  This includes “event-shifting.”
  • No varsity member(s) may compete in a novice event unless specified by tournament rules (collapsing of a novice and varsity division).  Violation of this bylaw shall be punishable by disqualification from the tournament.
  • Any student found guilty of committing global or patchwork plagiarism of their speech or presentation will be disqualified from the tournament. Plagiarism shall be defined as the taking, in part or whole, the work of someone else and using it as your own. This definition will be adhered to in all original speech and debate events including Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Policy Debate, Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking and Original Oratory. Citations and sources should always be used in any speech that is given when information is presented from another source.
  • Any student found guilty of presenting their own piece of work in interpretation that does not have an ISBN, URL, or has not been published will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • No contenstant or student observer shall enter or remain in a contest room without an adult judge present.

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