2019 CFDI #5 @ Celebration
Dates: 1/12/2019

Entry Fee Structure

The cost of entry is $3 per student ($6 if a team event of 2 students). This does not include food for the students, but concessions (drinks, snacks and pizza) will be available for students to purchase.

Drops are $2 per student in addition to the $3 entry fee after the drop deadline.

Drops after noon on tournament day are $25 per student.

Fees must be paid the day of the tournament. We accept cash or check. Checks should be payable to "National Forensic League." (We are an approved OCPS vendor.)


If you need special arrangements for payment of fees, please contact Beth Eskin at elizabeth.eskin@ocps.net

Drinks, snacks and pizza will be sold. Cash only.

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