2019 CFDI #5 @ Celebration
Dates: 1/12/2019

Events offered and entry limits

Because we wish to meet the needs of your programs as your grow, you should contact Beth or Tara if you have students who wish to compete in an event that is not offered. If an event is non-competitive, we will still offer your student(s) the opportunity to perform and get feedback!

Scheduled events for our  tournament include: Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Dramatic Performance, DUO Interp, Original Oratory, Declamation and Oral Interpretation of Literature, Student Congress, Extemp, Program Oral Interp, and Informative Speaking. We will offer middle school, novice, and vasrity divisions in each event, but will collapse as necessary. 

Schools are allowed to enter up to 6 students/teams per division per event.

Lincoln Douglas Debate: We will follow NSDA rules. We will use the Jan/Feb topic: Resolved: the United States ought not provide military aid to authoritarian regimes. Students will debate both sides.

Public Forum Debate: We will follow NSDA rules. We will use the January topicResolved: the USFG should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth. We will flip for sides/speaking order, but students must prepare for both Pro and Con.

Humorous, Dramatic and DUO  Interp: We will use NFL rules.

NSDA event rules are available at http://www.speechanddebate.org/competitionevents

Individual Events: We will use NCFL rules for ll events except POI and INF, which are available at http://ncfl.org. POI and INF rules are available at www.speechanddebate.org

Student Congress :  Each school with Congress competitors may submit ONLY ONE piece of legislation. Properly formatted legisaltion is due to Cathy Brown at cathy.brown@ocps.net by 4PM Mon, Jan 7 Improperly formatted legislation will be rejected, so please submit early in case your students need to revise. 

Extemp Topic Areas are US Social Issues, The Americas, and US Legal and Ethical Issues






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