2023 CCA @ Ivy Tech
Dates: 3/17/2023 - 3/18/2023
2023 Ivy Tech Tournament Information

Tournament Information

Tournament Location

Ivy Tech Community College & The Columbus Learning Center (CLC)
4555 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

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Tournament Location Map
Ivy Tech Location and Parking Specifics

Tournament Fees

Team Debate
$70 per team
Individual Events (IE)
Varsity: $30 for 1st event, $5 for each additional event
Junior Varsity (JV): $30
Junior (JR): $25

Events Offered

Varsity Team Policy Debate
Individual Events (IE)
Varsity Prose (Interpretation)
Varsity Dramatic (Interpretation)
Varsity Impromptu (Limited Preparation)
Varsity Extemporaneous Apologetics (Limited Preparation)
Varsity News Analysis (Limited Preparation)
Varsity Informative (Public Address)
Varsity Persuasive (Public Address)
Junior Varsity (JV) Informative
Junior Varsity (JV) Prose
Junior (JR) Prose
Sweepstakes--For Varsity Division Only
To be eligible for Sweepstakes competition, the IE competitor shall compete in three (3) events including one (1) from each genre (Interpretation, Limited Preparation, and Public Address).

IE Entry Limits

  • Each 14-18-year-old Varsity competitor is limited to participation in a total of three (3) Individual Events.
  • Each 13-year-old Varsity competitor is limited to participation in a total of two (2) Individual Events.
  • Impromptu: Beginning with the 2022 season, Varsity students will be limited to two (2) consecutive seasons of competing in Impromptu at one or more CCA tournaments per season.
  • Each Junior Varsity and Junior competitor is limited to one (1) Individual Event.

Meal Options

  • Coolers, prepared foods, and private boxed lunches are allowed in the lobby of Moravec Hall and also Room #130 of Moravec Hall (otherwise known as the "Fellowship Area").
  • No food items may be taken into any other part of Moravec Hall, CLC, or the AMCE building.
  • Guest Judge Hospitality will be in the Student Commons of the CLC.
  • There are numerous restaurants (fast food and otherwise) as well as a Kroger store withing 4- 5 miles of the Ivy Tech Campus.
  • It is highly recommended that families are prepared to arrive at the facility with food plans available for both days. There are no preregistration meal options for this tournament.

Columbus Learning Center (CLC) Map

Columbus Learning Center Map
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