2022 CCA @ Cedarville University
Dates: 5/13/2022 - 5/14/2022
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Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio

May 13 & 14, 2022


Judge Requirements:

Team Debate: Register one judge per team (maximum two per family)*


Individual Events (I.E.): Register one judge per student (maximum two per family)*


*Please note that Hosting Clubs have additional recruiting expectations.


Parent Judges:


¥   All parents who will be there must register on the Tournament Student Registration ÒJudgesÓ Tab.

¥   Parents are expected to be available to judge the entire tournament. If this is not possible, then additional Guest Judges must be recruited to cover this need.

¥   To fulfill your judge requirements, first register both parents as judges and then recruit Guest Judges. Alumni are added under the Guest Judge tab, not in the parent judge section.

¥   If a parent is committed to serve as tournament staff in a non-judging capacity, please still register as a judge if your job is not the entire tournament.  Please put your staff commitment in the notes field.  This helps us know that you are still meeting your judging requirements.

¥   If you do have a job for the whole tournament and will not be available for judging, you must replace yourself with guest judges. Be sure your guest judge puts your name in the recruited by field so we can keep track.


Parent judge registrations must be completed before the tournament registration close date of April 21, 2022 


Guest Judges:


¥   Guest Judges are anyone other than a parent.  Other family members and Alumni are considered Guest Judges.

¥   Please access the ÒGuest JudgeÓ registration link to register Guest Judges.  

¥   Alumni - Please put in the notes section the club with which you competed, the year you graduated, and any relatives still involved (especially if last names are different.)

¥   Guest Judge registrations are open through 7:00 p.m., Monday May 9, 2022.


For all parent and guest judge registrations, complete information must be submitted:


á         Full Name

á         Complete Address

á         Email

á         Phone number

á         Restrictions (Parents need not list your own children, please list those for whom you have directly been the primary coach, or those whom you cannot judge without bias - we do not block whole clubs)

á         Biographical information (parents too, used for Debate Judge Bios postings)

á         For Guest JudgesÑthe name of the CCA family who recruited you should be listed in the "Recruited by" field.


For questions and further clarification contact

Tom Grim, cco.nwc.judges@gmail.com, Judge Coordinator


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