2018 YFL Novice Tournament
Dates: 8/25/2018
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Welcome to the home page for the 2018 YFL Novice Tournament tournament hosted by Lodi HS (CA) on August 25, 2018 for High School students.

YFL Fall Novice Tournament & Fall Coaches Meeting 2018

You are cordially invited to the YFL Fall Novice Tournament 2018 hosted at Lodi HS. Due to limited rooms, the tournament is open to novices that have NEVER competed at a tournament before. The judging requirements, listed below, are to be fulfilled by qualified (you determine) varsity competitors. We look forward to seeing you Saturday, August 25,2018.


Schools are limited to five entries in each event. In case of low entries, schools may swap out their unused spots with notification to the tournament director beforehand. Fees are the same as an YFL League tournament ($3 per entry), and all fees are due to the League Treasurer.

Double entries within a pattern are not allowed.   Students may only enter in ONE speech event.



Original (OO/ OA combined)

Interp (DI/ HI combined)

Limited Prep (Imp or Extemp NOT combined)

Debate (Lincoln-Douglass, topic to be same as NFL)



One (1) qualified varsity competitor judge per three (3) entries and one (1) team captain for tab room work.

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