2018 WBFL Fall Varsity IE
Dates: 9/15/2018

Western Bay Forensic League Invitation


WBFL Fall Icebreaker Varsity Individual Events Tournament


Saturday, September 15, 2018


Culver City High School


4401 Elenda Street, Culver City, CA 90230


Registration will be through the Joy of Tournaments website. If you are unable to register online before the deadline, you may email your registration information to Lesley Sluyter at chickwbrains2005@hotmail.com. She can help you register your entries.


$8.00 per single entry; $16.00 per dual entry.


NOTE: School Fee of $75 will be assessed for this tournament to cover your League dues. Per the WBFL Constitution, schools may not compete in the tournament until league fees and CHSSA fees have been paid.




Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018, 10:00 PM. Fees are set as of Wednesday, Sept. 12, 10 PM.


Please remember that we will not accept LATE entries or substitutions.

 Individual Events:


A Events


B Events



Dramatic Interp

Original Oratory


Original Prose/Poetry

Oratorical Interp

Humorous Interp

Original Advocacy

Thematic Interp

Dual Interp


NOTE 1: This is VARSITY tournament, so there is no Storytelling and no SPAR.

NOTE 2: This is a Western Bay Forensics League tournament. The WBFL is part of the CA HS Speech Association and, as such, only league member schools may participate in this tournament.

Judges: Each school MUST provide one judge per six entries (or fraction thereof) for whichever pattern (A or B) in which the school has the greater number of entries. In other words, if a school has 11 students competing in A events and 19 students competing in B events, the school would need four judges (one judge per six based on Pattern A). You MUST have enough judges to cover your entries through the entire day. Judges need to arrive before 8:00 AM so that they are present for judging instructions. PLEASE inform your judges that it is imperative they be ON TIME. Late judges cause the tournament to run late. Please also note the relationship of your judge to the team on JOT. Failure to fulfill your judging commitment in its entirety (including not having your judges arrive promptly) may result in dropped entries at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.


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