2019 SDIVSL State Quals B (LD/Policy)
Dates: 3/8/2019 - 3/9/2019



The Tournament Directors have indicated the following areas are essential to keeping this tournament on time.
- Coaches will be stationed in LD competition areas to collect flight A ballots before flight B begins (Tab room will assign this duty).
- Audits will begin when there are only a few ballots outstanding - audit for those final ballots will be done by a third party during ballot entry.
- Emphasize over and over again to judges that they are to start the round promptly, minimize lag time between flights, and return to the judges' room IMMEDIATELY following the conclusion of the round.
- Emphasize to competitors that they are to report to their rooms immediately following postings, and flight B should be waiting outside the room no more than 30 minutes after the start of flight A (again, minimizing lag time between flights). 
- Coaches -  it is imperative that you be in your assigned "spot" at all times, and should inform the tournament director(s) if you need to step away so you can find out what time you will need to be back to your "spot". 


Friday, March 8

4:00 Registration                                                  

5:00 Round 1                   

6:45 Round 2

8:30 - Round 3 LD/Policy                  

Saturday, March 9

NOTE: Break Rounds may vary from this schedule, depending on number of teams eliminated/ties existing. Updates may occur during the tournament.

8:00 Check in                                                                                     

8:30 - Round 4 LD/Policy, Congress Semifinals                                                                  

11:00 - Round 5 LD/Policy (LD Single Flighted from here on)                                                                

12:30 - Round 6 LD, Congress Finals                                                             

1:30 - Quarterfinals, Policy

2:00 - Quarterfinals, LD

3:30 - Semifinals, LD

4:00 - Semifinals, Policy

5:00 - Finals, LD

6:00 - Finals, Policy (Policy may be ready for quarterfinals as of round 5, which would make finals be at 4:00 instead.)                                                                


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