2019 SCDL Novice Champs @ Arroyo/Gabrielino
Dates: 5/10/2019 - 5/11/2019

This event is open to ALL Schools.

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Discussion (pattern A)
Students sit around a table (6-8 students per table) and will discuss the topic of

Students go around the table and take turns with these tasks:

First: Students will take turns presenting definitions

Second: Students will then take turns providing relevant history

Third: Each student will then present a problem revolving around the topic

Fourth: Students will then offer solutions to their problem and/or other problems presented

The students will interact and discuss together to come up with the best solution and/or direction to take to solve the topic.  The discussion shall follow the process of logical thinking: analysis of the topic question, identifying the key problem or problems, and achieving a consensus for the best solution. The best solution must be the goal of each discussion group and must be based on the collaborative work of the group.

Round table discussion is characterized by the many informal, spontaneous, brief exchanges of views with the goal of arriving at a consensus solution rather than presenting a series of long individual prepared speeches.  The number of times a person speaks is not as significant as the quality of what the person says.

Students will be judged on their research, delivery, ideas, relevant information, analysis of topic, participation and ability to collaboratively work together to find solutions.   Bullying and disrespect will result in lower scores.

Discussion Packet

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