2019 SCDL Novice Champs @ Arroyo/Gabrielino
Dates: 5/10/2019 - 5/11/2019


  CONGRESSIONAL EXTEMP Legislation will be posted in May






Each round has a different topic


The SAT should be abolished

Room xx

1.    1801 (AFF)    1st speaker will ALWAYS be AFF, 2nd always NEG, 3rd always AFF...etc.

2.    1806 (NEG)

3.    1809 (AFF)

4.    1804 (NEG)

5.    1803 (AFF)

·       Speaker #1 gives an AFF speech (4 minutes) and is then questioned by the last speaker (2 min Cross-X)

·       Speaker #2 gives a NEG speech and is then questioned by the first speaker

·       CX is set up just like final round of Extemps at State Quals, State, Nat Quals, Nationals

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