2018 Santa Ana Dia de Los Muertos Invitational
Dates: 10/27/2018

Hello all!


While we were disappointed to hear that Spartan Fall Classic was cancelled this year, we are happy to be able to host a tournament so that our students all still benefit from competition and have a chance to get some ballots before the big tournaments towards the end of the first semester. So, we are pleased to welcome you to the Santa Ana Dia de los Muertos Invitational! The tournament will be hosted at Century High School in Santa Ana, on Saturday, October 27th. It will be a one-day tournament and we will offer Open Divisions of Individual Events and Congressional Debate.


Please see below for more detailed information:


Site Information:


Century High School

1401 S. Grand Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705


Events Offered:


Pattern A (Students may double enter in this pattern):


Original Oratory

Original Advocacy

Impromptu Speaking

Programmed Oral Interpretation

Humorous Interpretation

Original Prose and Poetry


Pattern B (Students may double enter in this pattern, UNLESS they are doing Extemp):

Informative Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking

Oratorical Interpretation

Duo Interpretation

Dramatic Interpretation

Congress (Students may not enter in I.E.s if they enter in Congress)





We have a judging requirement of 1 judge for every 6 entries, however, we do have the option of a judging buy-out. We will be hiring a pool of college forensics competitors to help us fill out our pool of hired judges so that our students will have new perspectives in the judging pool. If you would like to buy-out your judging commitment, the fee will be $30 per judge. If you do not wish to buy-out, you may enter your judges in the tournament registration process. If your judges do not show up the day of the tournament you will have the option to pay the buy-out or to drop entries.




Entry Deadline: Friday, October 19th, 9:00 PM

Drop Deadline: Tuesday, October 23rd 9:00 PM


Tournament Contacts:


Sal Tinajero




Lexi Tippings



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