2020 CHSSA Middle School State Champs
Dates: 5/1/2020 - 5/3/2020

Tournament Policies

Basic guidelines


Judges should report to middle school cafeteria and check in.

 (All required judges must check in each day at least 45 minutes prior to their first round.)

Tab Room is in the library.

Extemp Prep is in the Lecture Hall.

Parking - Willow/International lot.

Entry Limitations: 20 entries PER EVENT. Additions should be listed as "Waiting List". 

This is a tournament for grades six through eight.

 Double Entry Limitations:

- Students may not enter more than one debate event.

- Students may enter a total of three speech events.

- Students may enter 2 events in one speech  pattern and l in the other.

- No extemper  may enter another event in that time pattern.

- Students who double enter in the same time pattern are responsible for getting to their rounds on time. We cannot re-run 

rounds due to tardiness.


                          Debate:  Policy, Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Congress

                         Pattern A: Combined Extemp, DI, Duo, OPP, OI/Declamation, SPAR, Storytelling

                         Pattern B: Impromptu, Expository/Informative, H.I., Thematic/POI, Oratory/Persuasive,  

Debate Topics: (Exact wording will be posted when announced by NSDA.)

 Policy – NSDA 2019-2020 National Topic

                             Resolved the United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign     Military Sales of arms from the United States.

 LD – NSDA topic for March/April 2020

                           Resolved : Predictive policing is unjust.

 Public Forum – NSDA topic for April 2020

                           Resolved: The United States should remove nearly all of its military presence in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

 Congress topics will be available on Joy of Tournaments beginning March 1, 2020


Registration on Joy of Tournaments will open January 1, 2020.

Registration (for entry and judges) will close on April 15, 2020 at 5PM.

Schools with students on the waiting list will be notified regarding their status by  April 17.


Judging Requirements:

   If you have 1-10 total entries in speech events -  1 judge, judging all speech rounds.    

   If you have 11-20 total entries in speech events -2 judges, judging all speech rounds.

   If you have 21-30 total entries in speech events  -3 judges, judging all speech rounds.

   If you have 31 or more total entries in speech events - 4 judges, judging all speech rounds.


   If you have 1-10 total entries in debate events -   l judges, judging all debate rounds

   If you have 11-20 total entries in debate events - 2 judges, judging all debate rounds

   If you have 21-30 total entries in debate events - 3 judges, judging  all debate rounds

   If you have 31 or more total entries in debate events - 4 judges, judging all debate rounds


A judge can cover speech and Debate but they may be scheduled to judge non-stop. (We will try to give them breaks, when possible.)

Remember, High School speech students with at least one complete year of competition may judge.

Any extra judges you can provide will be used and appreciated. The extra judges will not be required to judge a specific number of rounds.

Required judges missing a round will be penalized.

    If you have difficulties coming up with enough judges to cover your entry, please contact the tournament director.


- CHSSA rules will be in effect (with adjustments indicated in this invitation).

- Congress: P.Os will be provided by the local high schools. 

- Speech events will break 14 to semis (if the entry total is at least 28) , and 7 will break to finals.

- If there are fewer than 28 entries in an event, the break will be straight to finals.

- Debate: Starting with round three all prelim rounds will be power-matched. We will break to-

                          Octo Finals if there are 32 or more entries,  Quarter Finals if there are 17-31, and Semi Finals if 16 or fewer.

 Script Requirements:

Scripts need not be turned in to the tournament.  However, if challenged, the original source must be made available (either electronically or in hard copy.).

Tournament Committee:    Tournament Director and both Event Chairpersons 


Debaters may use electronic devices (no internet) in rounds.

Extempers may use electronic devices (no internet) during preparation time.


All results will be audited before paneling next round.


VIDEO TAPING IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE ROUNDS (by other students, parents,  coaches, or any other observer).


Individual Awards:  Debate – Those breaking to elimination rounds

                                Speech    All semi-finalists and finalists

                                Congress – Finalists

There will be no sweepstakes awards.

Entry Fees:

School Fee                                    $30

Policy, Public Forum, LD,PD       $30

Congress                                       $20

All Speech events                         $20

Rounds missed by required judge     -  There will be a penalty.

                  Fees are assesed as of the April 15 registration deadline. Drops after that date must be paid for.



Chaperone Regulations:

 We expect a large number of students to attend our tournament; consequently, adult supervision is essential to ensure the safety of all participants. The names and phone numbers of the chaperones must be provided at check in. Schools are also required to provide a letter identifying chaperones by name and authorizing them to supervise on behalf of the school. This letter must be a letterhead and signed by an administrator.

Each independent entry must have an adult chaperone on campus at all times.

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