2019 CHSSA State Tournament
Dates: 5/3/2019 - 5/5/2019


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2019 Extemp topic areas are as follows
National Extemp:
-Finance and Economics
-Science and Technology
-Social Issues and Controversy
-US Foreign Policy
International Extemp:
-Middle East
-the Americas

Article IX, Section 1, Paragraph A, p.1:
4. Preparation: Preparation shall be made without consultation and without references to prepared notes. Students may consult published or electronic sources, books, magazines, newspapers and journals or articles there from, provided that:
a)       they are originals, printouts or copies of the originals;
b)      that original article, print or copy is intact and uncut;
c)       there is no written material on that original, print or copy;
d)      topical index without annotation may be present.
No other material shall be allowed in the extemp prep room other than stated above. Extemp speeches, handbooks, briefs and outlines shall be barred from the extemp prep room. Underlining or highlighting in materials will be allowed if done in only one color on each article or copy.
5. Use of Computers: Extemporaneous Speaking contestants may make use of electronic retrieval devices to store and to retrieve their subject files. Students can retrieve extemporaneous files to read, but cannot write speeches or organize their thoughts on the computers. Electronic retrieval devices are defined as laptop computers, netbooks, iPads, or other portable electronic retrieval equipment. Secondary devices such as flash drives or external hard drives are allowed as well. Cell phones or smart phones are prohibited. Students may not share electronic devices with one another. Students may consult published books, periodical articles, newspaper articles, think tank articles, government reports or journal articles saved on their electronic retrieval device or present in hard copy form provided:
a)       There are no notations made within or on the saved article other than citation information.
b)      Any highlighting or underlining of the articles is done in only one color within each article. Bolding, italicizing, or any other manipulation of the original text of sources (other than highlighting or underlining as previously stipulated) is prohibited. Power plugs or outlets may not be used in the prep room at any time. All computers used in the prep room must be battery operated at all times. Extemporaneous Speaking contestants shall not access the Internet or communicate. All wireless capability must be turned off.
The preparation room shall be proctored at all times to enforce these rules. Extemp boxes shall not be searched during prep time unless directed by the Tournament Director or designee.
5. The State Tournament Director will designate a time and place for all extemp competitors and their coaches to check in extemp materials. At the time of check-in coaches and students will sign a certification that their extemp materials are in accordance with the above criteria. Students who are found after check-in time to be in violation will risk disqualification.
Our signature below signifies that we have read the above rules and understand that we have an affirmative obligation to carefully check our boxes and have removed any materials that do not comply with the above criteria. We further acknowledge that should materials be found in our extemp preparation materials that do not comply with the above criteria we risk disqualification for the state championships.
Click here to download the Extemp Check In Verification Form
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