2019 CHSSA State Tournament
Dates: 5/3/2019 - 5/5/2019


 The California High School Speech Association is committed to providing its participants the opportunity to pursue excellence in their endeavors. This opportunity can exist only when each member of our community is assured an atmosphere of mutual respect and equal representation. Judge panels at the CHSSA State Tournament have not always been reflective of the complete demographic speech and debate serves, nor of the breadth of thought and experience our community has to offer. Without a more diverse judge pool, it is difficult for CHSSA to produce more diverse judge panels. Diversifying these judge panels is important in order to:

1: Improve the State Tournament experience for students from all backgrounds, schools, and ideologies, but in particular, students whose demographics are historically under-represented in judge panels.
2: Improve the State Tournament experience for coaches from all backgrounds, schools, and ideologies. 
In order for these judge pools to live up to the values of inclusion and diversity, we need your help. When you register each judge online, you will find an optional box that indicates if your judge is a diversity enhancing judge. A diversity enhancing judge is any judge who is a member of a marginalized or under-represented group in the speech and debate community; this includes people of color, women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, etc. Additionally, if there are individuals associated with your school who are highly qualified to judge and would enhance the diversity of our panels, please consider nominating them for the honor of being part of the judge pool for our semi final and final rounds.



Bylaw Article XIV requires the following: (abridged)

  1. The schools coach of record is expected to judge at the state tournament.

  2. Substitute judges for coaches or additional judges are allowed provided they are highly qualified and approved by your area chair.  Parent/community judges with limited experience do not meet this standard.

  3. No coach shall be exempt from judging finals except: the tournament director, the CHSSA president, the four Area Chairpersons, and any other tournament official specifically released from judging by the tournament director.  This means coaches not listed as school judges may still be required to judge finals.

  4. Use of first year or sophomore college students as judges is to be discouraged in preliminary rounds and is prohibited for Sunday rounds

  5. It is essential that your judge information is accurate. Judges that are found picking up ballots for another judge without prior approval will be treated like a missed round and fined accordingly.  A judge may only pick up ballots under their own name.

  6. Schools in the local area need to provide 1 judge for every 3 entries or part there of.  Judges in the rest of the state need to provide 1 judge for every 5 entries or part there of. 

  7. Schools with more than two (2) Policy Debate entries shall be required to provide one judge for each additional policy debate entry. Judges covering policy debate entries will likely be asked to judge, at a minimum, the first four (4) rounds of policy debate and should have the experience necessary to be comfortable doing so. 





To count towards a school's commitment a judge must be checked ON for a minimum of two days.


Here are the options:

  1. 1/2 judge -
    1. clicked on for a minimum of two days
    2. assigned 5 rounds and counts for a "1/2" credit.
    3. Indicate that a judge is a 1/2 judge by typing "(1/2)" after their last name and clicking them on for at least 2 days.
    4. NOTE: If you are using a judge you have previously entered Joy won't let you alter their name.  Solution: Add a new judge with the "(1/2)" included with last name.
  2. Full judge -
    1. clicked on for all three days.
    2. Will be assigned 8 rounds and will count for a full judge credit.
  3. Extra judge -
    1. These are judges that are above and beyond your commitment and they can be checked on for a single day,
    2. These judges do not count towards your judging commitment.
    3. You can indicate in the notes how many rounds you would like them assigned etc. 


  1. Write their experience in the notes section
    1. Example: Alumni 2013 - State finalist in DI
    2. Example: Parent: Judges at most league tournaments
    3. Example: Head Coach 15 years 
    4. Example: Asst Interp coach - 5 years
  2. Check the appropriate rating
  3. List any event preferences in the notes section and we will do our best to accommodate them.  Please note --
    • Schools with Policy Debate entries must supply judges to judge policy.  
    • A judge can only judge congress 1 time
    • A judge cannot judge back to back rounds 
  4. You may "request" up to 3 rounds off by unchecking them -- Note unchecking a day overrides unchecking a timeslot.
  5. Judge assignments will be released on the Thursday before the tournament -- you must  PRINT each judges assignment - copies will not be available at the tournament.
  6. Judges not checked in 20 minutes prior to a round will be marked as no-shows


Schools that fail to fulfill judging obligations will...

1. Forfeit their judge bonds

2. Be fined up to $100 per missed round

3. Lose up to 5 sweepstakes points per round

4. May have entries dropped or students marked last


In emergency situations, notify the tournament director as soon as possible: Director@CHSSA.org


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