2020 CHSSA Big Questions
Dates: 4/26/2020
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2020 CA State Tournament
April 24-26 James Logan High School
Union City, CA
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Thanks to a generous partnership with the National Speech and Debate Association, we are thrilled to offer a Big Questions Consolation Tournament at State 2020! This tournament will take place on Sunday, April 26 at the State Championship. 

The event champion will qualify to NSDA Nationals 2020 in Albuquerque, NM (the student and their school must be NSDA members prior to April 24, 2020 to receive this bid). Click here to learn more about Nationals 2020.

The top 8 placing debaters will each be recognized at the State 2020 Official Awards Ceremony, plus their schools will receive either $250 from the NSDA (member schools) or a $250 credit toward membership (non-member schools).


Two groups are eligible to compete in this Big Questions Consolation Tournament. All must be students at active CHSSA Member Schools. All registration activity must be done exclusively by the CHSSA Coach of Record (sorry, parents and students). The two eligible groups are:



If a student is attending State 2020 in a traditional event and they are eliminated from the tournament by Saturday night (April 25), they may register for the BQ Consolation Tournament in person at 7:15 AM on Sunday, April 26. This registration will happen in person Sunday morning and we will notify you of the location as we get closer.

There is no cost for eliminated State competitors who register Sunday morning and their judging will be graciously covered at no cost by our friends at HiredJudge.com.





We are opening a limited number of pre-registration spots for students who did not qualify to State 2020. This is a great option if your team has extra room in the van and a student who is awesome and deserving, but just barely missed qualifying this year.

There is a $17 fee to pre-register. To hold your pre-registration spot, you will need to register here (JOT) and pay via CHSSA's online payment portal (which you can access here). There are no school fees, though our credit card processor charges a $3 per transaction fee (so, total cost is no more than $20 per entry).

Schools who pre-register will also need to supply 1 judge for every 2 entries. This judge can not be someone judging the main State Championship Tournament (as they are committed through the end of that tournament and this is an entirely different and conflicting pool). If you need to hire a judge to cover this commitment, we recommend reaching out to HiredJudge.com.

Pre-registration closes April 10th, 2020 at 11:59 PM. 

General Information  

LEARN THE FORMAT | Click here to access the NSDA Student BQ Competitor Handbook

JUDGING BQ | Click here to learn more from NSDA

TOPIC | Resolved: Objective morality exists.

FORMAT | 1 vs 1 debate, 6 round tournament.

SCHEDULE | Click here for printable schedule.


8 am: round 1 (double flighted, 1 judge per room)

10 am: round 2 (double flighted,  1 judge per rom)

12 pm:  round 3 (single flighted, 1 judge per room)

130 pm: round 4 (single flighted, 3 judges per room)

3 pm: round 5 (single flighted, 3 judges per room)

430 pm: round 6 (single flighted, 3 judges per room)

HARASSMENT POLICY | The CHSSA Harassment Policy will apply to this event, as well as the NSDA Honor Code and Coach Code of Ethics

FOOD INSECURITY PROGRAM | In partnership with the NSDA and other amazing sponsors, CHSSA is proud to offer a program to help address financial need and student hunger at State 2020. Please click here to learn more and apply. 




Questions | Director@CHSSA.org



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