2020 Phoenix Rotary 100 Speech Contest
Dates: 3/27/2020




Students are ranked in each group 1st, 2nd, etc.

• Does the speaker stay within the selected topic?
• Does the speaker use helpful facts, authorities and/or illustrations?
• Does the speaker employ sound reasoning?
• Does he/she compile thoughts into a well-organized speech?
• Does the speaker employ dramatic opening and closing sentences?
• Does the speaker use voice and body gestures descriptively?
• Does the speaker use good grammar, pronunciation, and a varied vocabulary?
• Does the speaker establish eye contact?
• Does she/he speak clearly and fluently?
• Is the speaker poised in manner and neat in appearance?
• Clear enunciation of words. Limited use of unnecessary expressions.
(i.e.: “uh, you know, O.K.”)
• Good vocal projection, voice expressiveness, tone and pace.
• Good eye contact and rapport with the audience
• Relaxed yet commanding use of posture and gestures.
• Ability to captivate and/or move the audience




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