2020 Phoenix Rotary 100 Speech Contest
Dates: 3/27/2020


 Contest Rules

Selection of Contestants:

  • Eligible Participant: High School, or Home Schooled students between the ages of 14 and 18. Participants must be sponsored and accompanied by their participating high school coach, a parent chaperone or by their parent. Individual Independent and Home Schooled students may be registered as a group if they affiliate as a group and they may share a coach, parent chaperone or parent.
  • Each high school participating in the contest may enter a team comprised of two (2) students at each grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior), a maximum of eight (8) contestants. Each student shall be attending the high school at the grade level at which he/she is competing. The high school shall otherwise determine the eligibility of each contestant.
  • Participating high schools shall submit a roster of competitors that must be received by Phoenix Rotary 100 or enrolled on joyoftournaments.com by the enrollment deadline.


Rules Governing the Contest:

  • The Annual High School Speech Contest shall be under the sole direction of Phoenix Rotary 100 and the Chair of the Annual High School Speech Contest.
  • Phoenix Rotary 100 shall prepare lists of topics for each round as follows:
    a.  A different list of topics shall be prepared for each round of competition. Each list shall contain specific titles relative to arts, sciences, current events and student experiences.
    b. A separate list of topics, sealed in an appropriately marked envelope, shall be prepared for each contestant, from which he/she shall select a specific title for presentation.
    c. A sample list of topics shall be presented to each participating school as a guide for practice sessions.
  • The date of the Contest will be noted in the letter addressed to the speech coaches of each school, along with notification of the event. The Chairman will determine starting times, and schools will be notified. The Upper Division Semi-finals and Lower Division Finals will follow on the same day as soon as the preliminary round is completed.
  • Contestants shall report to the Contest registration desk thirty (30) minutes before the starting time of the first speech of the round.
  • A drawing conducted by Phoenix Rotary 100 will predetermine the order of the speakers.
  • Contestants will be given an envelope with speech titles upon entering the speech preparation room, thirty (30) minutes prior to his/her scheduled speech time. From that time, and until he/she concludes his/her speech, he/she shall not communicate with any person except by consent of the Chair and may not receive assistance of any nature from any person. No persons -- excepting the contestants, the Phoenix Rotary 100 representative(s) in charge of the preparation room, and the Chair -- may enter the preparation room.
  • Preparation will be in a room designated for that purpose, where a proper atmosphere for concentration will be maintained. The contestant will not rehearse in a fashion that may be disturbing to another contestant who may be preparing.
  • A contestant during the preparation period will not use any reference materials. He/she will be furnished with a supply of 3 x 5 cards on which to make any notes.
  • Each contestant, upon a given signal, will enter the speaking room and proceed directly to the front, assume his/her speaking position, announce his/her name, speech number and title. (Note: Time so consumed will be disregarded by the timekeeper). Before beginning to speak the contestant should pause to allow the judges time to write down the necessary information.
  • The speech will be delivered extemporaneously and not from a prepared text. The content will be essentially original and not a redo of a presentation from another contest. During the presentation, the contestant may not read other than from handwritten notes made in the preparation room or use any props.
  • A speech will not exceed five minutes in duration or be shorter than three minutes, with an allowance of fifteen seconds tolerance each direction. (Note: There will be two timekeepers. One will carefully observe the time lapsed, and the other will provide appropriate signals for each contestant by means of a time card). Nonconformity with time limits will be immediately announced and will automatically disqualify the contestant.
  • After the contestant has completed his/her speech, he/she will promptly and quietly join the audience or leave the room. After a brief pause, for the benefit of the judges, the Coordinating Judge will ask the Door Monitor to bring in the next contestant.
  • It is the responsibility of the Coordinating Judge to see that the audience remains quiet and does not engage in any applause. Entry and departure from the speaking room will be done quietly and not while a contestant is speaking.
  • Members of Phoenix Rotary 100 and its designees will do all judging. Judges will be given instructions relative to their responsibilities and will be governed by the directions of the Judging Sheet. A minimum of three judges will preside in the preliminary rounds and a minimum of five judges in the semifinal rounds.
  • Without permission of the Chair, neither the contestant nor any other person may communicate with any judge on his/her behalf except during announced intermissions.
  • Each judge will complete and sign a Judging Sheet reflecting his/her ranking of contestants. In so doing, judges shall not confer with each other. The Coordinating Judge in each room will gather the Judging Sheets and deliver them to the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge, with the help of the Tabulator, will determine from the Judging Sheets the composite ranking of the speakers and of participating schools.
  • Failure of a contestant to observe any rule herein applicable could result in disqualification. The Chair will make the final determination.
  • Any dispute or protest will be voiced to the Coordinating Judge of the room immediately following the cause for dissatisfaction. The Chair will be summoned, if necessary. Upon consideration of arguments and circumstances, the Chair will reach a decision, which will be final.


Contest Organization

Lower Division:

  • Opening Round
    • Freshmen are divided into groups and assigned speaking rooms.
    • Eight or fewer contestants will speak in one room.
    • All freshmen deliver their speeches and winners are selected from that room.
    • Sophomore speakers organized and winners selected as described above for freshmen.
    • Eight winners (four freshmen and four sophomores) will participate in the final round.
  • Final Round
    • Eight winners of opening round compete as finalists.
    • Winners will be selected as follows: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place.
    • Winners will receive a trophy and a cash scholarship.

Upper Division:

  • Opening Round
    • Organized for Junior and Senior as described above.
  • Semi-Final Round
    • Eight winners of opening round compete as semi-finalists
    • Four finalists will be selected
  • Final Round
    • Four finalists compete at a Phoenix Rotary 100 lunch meeting.
    • Winners are selected as follows:  1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place.
    • Winners receive a trophy and cash scholarship.

Outstanding School Performance:

  • Sweepstakes award-engraved trophy.
    • Presented to two outstanding schools as determined by points awarded during the first day of competition
    • Method of determining the award point system is the responsibility of the Contest Chair.


Presentation of Awards:


  • Lower Division Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Lower Division Finals and encouraged to attend an award presentation at a Phoenix Rotary 100 luncheon.
  • Upper Division Finals and all awards for Upper and Lower Division will be presented at a regular lunch meeting of Phoenix Rotary 100.
  • Upper Division Finalists must appear and compete to be elegible for an award.
  • Parents and coaches of all winners are invited as guests.
  • Cash scholarships for winners are paid directly to a college of choice.
  • Coaches awards (Forrest Barr Memorial Award) are determined by Phoenix Rotary 100



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