2019 The Prep School Classic @ CPA
Dates: 1/11/2019 - 1/12/2019



 Prep School Invitational  

Chandler Preparatory Academy
January 11 – 12, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to invite you to the Prep School Invitational Speech and Debate tournament on January 11 and 12, 2019.  It will be Fun. Fast and always a good time!  The location is Chandler Preparatory Academy - same place as the last couple of years.    At this tournament we will be offering: Novice/Varsity Divisions of Lincoln-Douglas debate, and an open division of public forum.  We are happy to announce the return of Extemp Debate this year. The judging will come from the Public Forum pool, so your judges should be prepared to judge either debate format. We'll also have the almost full complement of individual events.  The usual IEs will be offered with the exception of impromptu.   NOTE: I reserve the right to cancel any event that has insufficient competitors, or reduce the number of rounds (2 prelims then finals, something like that).  Doing 4 rounds with the same 3 competitors is rather pointless.

Our campus is small therefore we must limit the number of entries to 32 per school total and no more than 4 in any one event. This will let any school come and compete, but level the number of entries so the small programs will have a fighting chance too. Watch this website for further announcements regarding registration limits. If the registration limit changes we will email all registrants. Small schools / programs, especially new programs, are very welcome to attend this tournament. And of course the usual suspects are welcome too.

We often fill up early and had to turn schools away.  However, I will maintain a waiting list.  Given the propensity for teams pulling out last minute, don't dismay over being put on the waiting list.  As room becomes available, you'll come off the wait list and registered.  The limiting factor is our small campus.

This tournament is open to High School students only!  .

* Tournament News *


Watch this space for late breaking announcements, especially with regards to  wait lists

Entries and drops are only accepted via the Joy of Tournaments  web site. All entries must be in prior to 5:00PM Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  You may TEXT changes to my phone after the deadline. 

Public Forum Debate will use the January  topic:

LD will be the January/February  topic:

Important Notes (so there are no suprises)
  • Debaters must have a winning record to advance to outrounds.  Depending on time and other factors I will try my best to break all debaters that have a winning record (3-1 and 4-0)
  • Semifinals will be for events with 20 or more competitors, otherwise it will be straight to finals
  • Speech Events with low entry counts (less than 10 or so) may be 2 prelims then straight to finals.
  • Debate breaks will be posted once we see how many entries we have
  • No "Independent" entries allowed.  Independent means "not officially competing with my school".  If your school is not attending, complain to your school, not me.
  • Please, please, please keep your entry current when you have drops and adds. There is nothing more frustrating than a bunch of "no-shows" round 1.  Call, text or send a carrier pigeon with your drops as soon as you know them.
  • Last year THREE SCHOOLS just plain didn't show up.  Those were spots students on the wait list would happily take, but couldn't.  Anyone does it this year - you'll be posted on a "Wall of Shame" web site I'm making!

Students may enter one debate event and two individual events.  Fees will be charged as follows: $30  base school fee, $5  per individual event and $10  per team event.  Drops after the 5:00PM Wednesday deadline will forfeit the fee they would have been charged for that entry. Teams that enter a bunch of people, then drop the entire team Thursday morning will earn one whole year of dirty looks and disdain from yours truly.  Traveling teams - I'll waive the school fee for you.  Help us out preventing NO-SHOWS by letting me ASAP when you have a drop.

Checks or Purchase Orders should be made out to:

Tempe Preparatory Academy 
Attn:  Mr. J. Wolnisty
1251 E. Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282

You must have Check, Cash or a PO either sent in advance, or with you when you register or you will be turned away.  This is a problem that shouldn't happen, but does. Don't want to hear sob stories about the book store lady.  Show me the money.

Each team is required to bring one qualified judge per:

  • two LD entries
  • two Public Forum teams
  • Four Extemp Debates
  • Extremp Debate and PF will SHARE the same judge pool
  • five individual event entries

Here's the deal:  your judges stay all weekend, and I'll get you at at a reasonable hour.  What say you?

Please bring qualified  judges. Judges will be required to sign in at the time of registration. Teams not fulfilling their judge quota will be required to drop entries until the quota is met. Not having sufficient judges, especially for outrounds, is the number one cause of tournaments running late! I'd love for everyone to compete but I can't pull judges out of my... thin air.

We hope to see you at the tournament! If you have any questions, please contact John Wolnisty via email at Wolnisty@TPADebate.org.

Joel Sannes & Mica Tacderan John Wolnisty



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