2019 Mountain View Toro Classic
Dates: 11/8/2019 - 11/9/2019
NO SMOKING: Mountain View is an entirely no-smoking campus. If you must smoke, please do so in your vehicle.
COURTESY RULE: We will use and enforce the Courtesy Rule that does not allow the competitors to enter the classrooms until the judge arrives. Those students that are double entered will need to sign up on the "Double-Entered Sign" hanging on the outside of the door.
COURTESY RULE #2: DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING OTHER THAN STUDENT DESKS IN THE CLASSROOMS. We must keep our teachers happy if we want to continue hosting tournaments.
DOUBLE/TRIPLE ENTERED STUDENTS: Students should write their code and name on the Double/Triple-Entered Sheet on each classroom door to let the judge(s) know that they are present and NOT a no-show. However, no matter what happens, it is always the student's responsibility to get to their rounds within the allotted time. This always becomes a problem for students that are double entered in Extemp and some other event. An extemper should always draw on time because the draw order will not automatically be adjusted. No competitor should attempt to manipulate their speaking position for certain events.
PREP: Extemp Prep will be in the Media Center (Main building, 2nd story, off the center hallway). Students walking in the hallways around the Media Center need be quiet as to not disturb the Extempers. The upper walls are open and everything said in the hallways can be heard in the Mecia Center.
JUDGES: Judges MUST be available for the entire tournament.
BALLOT PICK-UP AND RETURN:  Judges will need to pick-up ballots 15 minutes prior to the scheduled round in the auditorium lobby and then return the ballots to the same location. Judges may sit and wait in the auditoruim for their ballots.
BALLOT ROOM:  After the ballots have been recorded and stuffed, they will be available for viewing by head coaches only throughout the tournament in Room 233. Head coaches should take the time to view ballots and verify them with the Round Results which we will posted in the Ballot Room. If you have any questions or if you discover any mistakes, please report them to the Tab Room immediately.
1.      We will provide an extensive array of healthy and not-so-healthy foods and beverages to meet your nutritional needs at the tournament. Because there are no eating establishments within walking distance and because the tournament schedule will not allow for long meal breaks, you should plan to eat on campus.
2.      Food will be available for coaches and judges in the lounge located in room 136 (main building/first floor, right off the patio).
3.      The snack bar will be found in the cafeteria. Please help us keep the cafeteria clean by throwing your own trash away.
4.      Do not take food or drinks out of the cafeteria and patio areas. Water bottles with lids are the only exception.
TAB ROOM: The tab room will be in room 235, outside SW corner of the main building.
RESTROOMSThere will be one men's and one women's restroom open in the west and east stairwells of the main building.  The restrooms will also be open in each of the 700 & 800 buildings and the auditorium lobby.
To:  All Coaches, Judges, and Competitors
Re: Preventing Errors

You know how frustrating and upsetting it is when you get a ballot back that has your code and name, but not on the correct side of the debate or the correct speech topic or script title, well, this system, if used will help judges prevent errors on ballots.  Once the ballot reaches the tab room, there is no way for the tab staff to know if an error like this has occurred.  So, in order to reduce these errors, please have the students their codes, names and affirmative or negative positions on the board before the start of each round.  In a flip round, the writing would take place after the coin toss.


§         Lincoln Douglas Debate

                      Rd. 1      Affirmative                              Rd. 1      Negative                    

                                36     John Doe                                     87     Susie Que


§          Policy Debate / Public Forum Debate  (PF would use the terms Pro / Con instead of Aff / Neg.)

                      Rd. 1    Affirmative / Pro                       Rd. 1    Negative / Con

                              1.  21-Silly Billy                                    1.  16-Scarey Larry

                              2.  21-Hairy Carrie                              2.  16-Mighty Maxine


This is required in many states in the Individual events as well.  Any round at NDSA Nationals has the following information on the board.  Students would add their code, name and the title of the speech (Oratory and Expository) or the title of their script or program (interps) to a panel listing in the proper speaking positionPosition, code and name are the only requirements for Extemp an Impromptu.  Students who are Double-Entered should sign in with their code and name on the Courtsey Rule sheet on the outside of the door and then provide more detailed information once they return.


§         Expository - Round 1

1.  21  Oscar Meyer – “My Bologna Has A First Name”

2.  33  Willy Wonka – “Don’t Touch The Chocolate!”

3.  10  Jimmy Dean – “Sausage, The Gift For All Occasions”

4.  47  Colonel Sanders – “The Pros and Cons Of Chicken”

5.  16  Martha Stewart – “It’s a Good Thing”

6.  28  Chef Boyardee – “It Doesn’t Have To Be Real Italian To Keep Them Happy”


§         Duo Interp            Round 1

1.  24  Steve Batman / Jim Robin – “The Revenge of Toyman”

2.  62  Sonny Bono / Cher – “The Beat Goes On”

3.  33  Lucy Ricardo / Ethel Mertz – “The Queens of Comedy”

4.  10  Bert Johnson / Ernie Stevens – “How to Get to Sesame Street

5.  16  Scooby Doo / Shaggy Too – “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll”

6.  41  Johnny Carson / Ed McMahon – “Who is this Guy They Call Conan?”


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