2019 Mountain View Toro Classic
Dates: 11/8/2019 - 11/9/2019


  • Each school should submit 2 pieces of legislation by Monday, October 21nd by 5:00 p.m. to mmhowellhaymaker@mpsaz.org.
  • We will post each piece of legislation as we receive it, and then post a ballot to limit the docket to the top 10 most preferred pieces of legislation.
  • We reserve the right to reject any legislation that does not meet the will following criteria along with proper formatting as outlined in the NSDA Congress Manual to judge the legislation for the Outstanding Legislation Award.
            1. SIGNIFICANT (in scope)
            2. JURISDICTION (within the realm of the US Federal Government)
            3. TIMELINESS (current issue of concern)
            4. DURABILITY (ability to stand the test of time)
            5. DEBATABILITY (fair and equitable debate on both sides)
            6. PROPER NSDA FORMATTING (as detailed in the NSDA Congress Manual) Go to                                                       congressionaldebate.org for templates under resources.
  • We can offer up to 8 chambers. It is our preference to maintain approximately 22 competitors per chamber. Each school will be allowed to enter a total of 8 students, but will be allowed to enter additional students on the waitlist. Coaches should waitlist students in order of preference for being pulled off the waitlist. While first come first served is a baseline criteria, equity of competition is also a goal, and we will strive for balanced school representation in each chamber.
  • Students will be randomly assigned to chambers.
3.   PRESIDING OFFICER -  Students who desire to run for Presiding Officer should be well versed in proper
           Parliamentary procedure, understand the NSDA guidelines for Presiding Officer protocol, and have
           practiced serving as P.O. prior to the tournament. This is no time to “wing it” or “see if you can do it.”
4.   FINAL SESSION:  We will advance an equal number of speakers from each chamber to final.
5.   MIDDLE SCHOOL: The MS Congress will use the HS Docket.
        *  Each school may enter a total of 10 students in Congress. Others may be entered on the waitlist. It is our
                desire to have at least 2 prelim chambers and break to a final chamber of 16 students.
        *  Students entered in MS Congress may not enter any other event.
        *  Judges for MS Congress will be taken from the HS judge pool. MS judges entered to fullfil the judging
                obligation will be used in the HS IE pool, so they won't have to judge their own students.


1.    Novice Policy Debate entries are limited to using the arguments outlined in this linked packet.

2.    Novice is defined as any competitor competing in their first year of any debate. Middle School competition in the same debate event counts. Ex. If a student competed in MS Public Forum, they should NOT enter the Novice division at the HS level.

3.    Quarterfinals in all debate events will be held only if entry numbers warrant.

4.    We will NOT break brackets!

5.    The topic for L-D Debate will be the NSDA designated topic for Nov / Dec.
The topic for PF Debate will be the NSDA designated topic for November.

6.    Maverick debates in PF or CX will NOT be allowed as these events are specifically designed for two individuals (teammates).


       EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING - The final round will include cross-examination.
1.   ENTRY DEADLINE is Tuesday, November 5th, at 4:30 p.m. Fees will be assessed at this time. Get your entries in early, If we must limit entries, it will be done on a first come, first serve basis.
2.   Schools may enter 8 total students in Congressional Debate, six (6) competitors/teams in each Debate / IE event, however, we will open up more slots if we have room. Put any additional desired entries on the waitlist.
3.   Each HS competitor will be allowed to enter Congress and 1 debate event, and 3 IE events; HOWEVER, because of Extemp prep time, competitors entered in extemp will only be allowed to enter ONE additional IE/Duo event.
4.   Each MS competitor will be only be allowed to enter Congress.
5.   It will absolutely be the competitor’s responsibility to get to all rounds completed within the allotted time. If they do not sign in and notify their judge that they are double or triple entered, then we have no other option but to rank them last in the round. Coaches, triple entry in IE events is completely feasible for the more experienced competitor.
6.   DROPS / CHANGES: You will be allowed to make drops and changes on the internet until Thursday, November 7th at 4:00 p.m.  After that time, you will need to call in your last minute changes to the cell number provided. Please call as soon as you know you have change to the entry. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL REGISTRATION TO REPORT DROPS AND CHANGES. Please check and recheck your entry. I will only be allowed to make last minute adds if we have the rooms.
7.  NO SHOWS – No Shows have been a large problem for the tab room staff at tournaments in AZ. When
     a student is not dropped from the event prior to round one beginning, the numbers competing in each
     section varies drastically and can end up skewing the results. I plead with you to help us by reporting all students
     that will not be competing at the time of registration or as soon as physically possible when a student must
     drop after the beginning of the tournament due to an illness or some other situation.

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