2015 Washington State IE Tournament
Dates: 3/14/2015


Washington State Individual Events Tournament
University of Puget Sound

March 14, 2015

Registration due date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015.  This includes both State IE's and State Debate entries.

Individual Events
Pattern A Pattern B
Interpretive Reading

NOTE:  All registration is done on line at joyoftournaments.com.  The site will be open on Thursday, March 5th, this will allow for district qualifiers to be confirmed and alternate slots to be filled. DO NOT list any alternates  on your registration until they have been confirmed by Lois Gorne. Coaches need to register their CONFIRMED ALTERNATES on the tournament site. Registration closes on Wednesday, March 11th at 6:00 pm.  If any of your qualifiers for some reason cannot attend either of the tournaments, it is VITAL that you contact me as soon as possible to make the adjustment.  Call me on my cell # 253-988-7649 of email me at loisgorne@gmail.com.

Individual Event Judges: One judge for every 4 entries.  Restrictions: A judge must have graduated high school no later than 2013.  Please list any schools a judge cannot judge, indicate coach, college, or adult.  Each school is required to provide enough judges to cover their entries.  Bring qualified, experienced judges, the State Tournament is not the time to bring first time judges. All judges must check in at registration to confirm attendance.   All rounds will be doubled judged. 

Interpretation Information:   This includes Dramatic, Humorous, Duo and Interpretive Reading events.  You must  submit the following information on your registration for each contestant's entry:  title, author, date of publication, book, magazine and publisher.  ISBN# if available.  Also, remember the contestant needs to bring the original copy/copies, plus a photocopy of their script which includes the changes (cuts), transitions, inrtoduction which are highlighted. These will only be checked if there is a protest.  All the District Chairpersons have checked the material of the competitors and submitted the forms to the committee.

Oratory Scripts: Students competing in oratory need to have a typed copy of their speech available if a judge requests it or the tournament headquarters need to verify the work.  Quoted words should be highlighted, (not to exceed 150 words) the script signed by the contestant and their coach.

Erik Helppie nomination:   Nominations are due by Wednesday, March 11th.  Mail to Lois Gorne, 5010 Hyada Blvd NE,  Tacoma, WA 98422 or by email loisgorne@gmail.com.  The application is in the state mailing.

Speech and Performing Arts Excellence Award: Nominations are due by Wednesday, March 11th and should also be sent to Lois at the above address.  The state mailing will be sent on Monday, March 2nd once the district qualifiers are determined.

Schools that have entries in both State Individual Events and State Debate, the fees can be combined on one check or purchase order.


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