2017 West Hardin NTDA Qualifier
Dates: 12/2/2017

Dear Speech Coaches: 

Please come join us for a relaxed day in the country.West Hardin High School would like to invite you to a speech tournament/clinic to be held on Saturday, December 2nd at our school located in Saratoga, Texas.


DEBATE: Please enter first year competitors only in novice.  We will attempt (based on numbers) to have both divisions.  All debaters will have four rounds, and ti make for a more manegaeable day, there will be no out rounds.

CONGRESS: Congress will be an open session so that students  can compete in other events.  Please note the times to insure that your student can participate meaningfully before entering.  Legislation will current TFA legislation.  No congress will be held unless 12 students enter.    

EXTEMP: Extemp will be divided into persuasive and informative  if there are sufficient entries. All extempers will have two preliminary rounds. 

We will also offering interp events and platform events.  Prose and poetry will follow UIL
 rules.  Prose and poetry will have two preliminary rounds.  Rd 1 will be Category A.  Rd 2 will be category B.  Documentation will be required.  Interp events for NSDA will follow NSDA rules.  Platform events (Oratory and Informative Speaking) will also follow NSDA events. 

IMPROMPTU: Students will have three minutes prep time and five minutes speaking time. They will draw three topics.

STORYTELLING: Students read/perform a children’s book that is no longer than seven minutes.  Performers may choose to sit or stand to read/perform.



There will be a concession for those who need snacks and/or lunch.

JUDGING COSTS125.00 per missing judge-we need one judge per 4 LD debaters, one judge per two CX teams, and one judge per six IE entries. Judges listed in your school’s entries will be required to judge debate.  Schools who list judges that end up not being able to judge will be charged a $125.00 per judge. Please insure that each  able to judge debate.   


Fees:  CX - $30, LD - $25, $10 - HI, DI, POI Storytelling, Impromptu, Informative and Oratory. $12 - Congress, Poetry, Prose and Extemp and Duo is $15. Payments will be required UNLESS the tournament is cancelled by West Hardin.    Deadline for registration and free drops is November 30th at 5pm.  After that, you will be charged drop fees to cover judging and administrative costs. Please make drops as soon as possible to minimize costs to both you and the tournament. On the morning of the tournament, EMAIL drops to smpeek@westhardin.org so that early round confusion may be avoided.


Our physical and mailing address is: 
West Hardin High School 
39227 Hwy 105 

Saratoga TX 77585

To give you an idea of where we are: We are located ten minutes from Moss Hill, twenty minutes from Sour Lake, forty minutes from Beaumont and ninety minutes from Houston.

Sandra M. Peek


smpeek@westhardin.org936 274 5061 (Ext 550)      








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