2017 West Hardin Congress Tournament
Dates: 9/16/2017
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Come learn from the best!  

September 16th, 2017

West Hardin High School

39227 Hwy 105

Saratoga, Texas 77585


Contact : Sandra Peek, smpeek@westhardin.org or 936.346.7394

Students will have a choice of two tracks.

 TRACK ONE: This is for those who have never done congress before.  Session 1 will be a clinic where students are taught by a state level judge, competitor or coach.    Session 2 will be a novice session where students are guided in a way that will produce a successful chamber. We will be following UIL protocols but because there is no UIL legislation yet, we will use legislation by TFA. Please have your novice students print out or download TFA docket items 1-10 before coming to the clinic.  In the afternoon, students will participate in a congress session.

 TRACK TWO: This is for those who have congress experience.  Session 1 will debate TFA legislation 1-5 in locked order.  Session 2 will debate TFA  6-15.   

 All legislation to be used can be found on the fall docket at http://www.txfa.org/resources.asp?t=2


8:45                      Registration

9:00                       Session 1

11:00                     lunch (we will have a concession stand)

12:00                    Session 2

4:00                      Awards (1st through 6th will be awarded in both divisions)


To keep costs low, coaches should be aware that there will not be hospitality.  We will have a concession stand.  Cost is $20.00 per varsity student and $25.00 per novice student.  No coaches will judge; instead we have highly qualified paid judging arranged.  Additionally, we will have a teaching session in a question and answer format for coaches.

 If a student drops after September 11th at 3:30, we will have to charge you their fee as our expenses do not change due to a late drop.

 Thank you for considering our tournament.  Please do not hesitate to email or call with questions.

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