2018 Round Rock High School UIL Invitational
Dates: 1/27/2018


Round Rock Invitational Academic Tournament

January 27, 2018


Forensic Information:



Persuasive Speaking      Poetry Interpretation      CX Debate     Novice CX Debate

Informative Speaking     Prose Interpretation       LD Debate     Novice LD Debate




  • Entries are limited to 6 per school in each event; 4 in CX and 4 in LD debate divided between novice and varsity division.
  • The first 40 CX entries and 80 LD entries will be accepted.
  • Additional entries may be accepted based upon space availability.  Please place extras on the wait list.
  • A student may not enter both extemps.
  • NO additions at registration!
  • Prose and poetry competitors must have BOTH selections prepared.
  • There will be two prelim rounds for all speaking and interpretation events.
  • Debaters may enter ONLY debate.
  • Debate begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.  If your school is not confirmed by 7:30 a.m., your teams will forfeit the first round. 

On morning of Jan. 27, ONLY text unreported DEBATE drops/changes to 512-508-4321.  (Not academic events, speech, or interp: ONLY DEBATE)

  • CX and LD both have a novice division.  Novice means the debaters are in their first year of debate competition.  For CX debate, both members must be in their first year of debate competition.
  • There will be four rounds of debate with no out rounds.
  • Students wishing to enter both academic and forensic events must check times closely to be sure there is no conflict.
  • Restrooms for changing clothes are located at the end of the 100 building (near Lake Creek Dr.) and upstairs in the 700 building.




  • 1st-3rd sweepstakes for academics and forensics.
  • 1st-6th place in all individual speaking and interpretation events.
  • Gold awards to the top 4 debaters/teams; silver awards to the next four.
  • Awards will be announced as results are tabulated.




Friday, January 12:                5:00 p.m.:  ALL entries are due on joy of tournaments.

Friday, January19:                5:00 p.m.:  Last day for adds and drops. 

Drops after this time result in loss of entry fee.

Saturday, January 27:            Drops in speech and interp events the day of the tournament will result in an additional $20 fee.  Drops in debate will result in an additional $50 fee.  No Shows in speech, interp, and debate will be charged a $75 fee.




1-10 IE (speech) entries           1 judge or $100.00

1-4 LD entries                         1 judge or $120.00

1-2 CX entries                         1 judge or $120.00

3-4 CX entries                         2 judges or $240.00


  • All judges must be high school graduates.
  • Judges’ names must be entered by January 19.
  • One person may not be both the individual speech/interp events judge and the debate judge.


JUDGING PROCEDURE:  All those signed up to judge individual speech and debate events for schools will be asked to report to the judges room for each round to have a judge card stamped whether you are given a ballot or not.  Those schools whose judge(s) fail to report for any round within 10 minutes before the beginning of that round will be charged $30 per round missed.  Cards must be turned in before the judge leaves the tournament.




Cross-Examination Debate:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the Untied States.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

          Will use the Spring topic as identified on the UIL website




1.  All buses are requested to park in the student parking lot directly behind the school after dropping students off in the old bus loading drive on Lake Creek Dr.

2.  A concession stand will be provided in the old cafeteria (700 bldg).  All food and drinks must be consumed in the old cafeteria (700 bldg) or the gym (100 bldg).

3.  All students must remain in the old cafeteria (700 bldg) or the gym (100 bldg) unless competing.

4.  Students attending the tournament must be accompanied by a school sponsor at all times

5.  All contestants are prohibited from entering the tab room.

6.  Contestants more than 15 minutes late for a round will forfeit that round.

7.  Failure of a school’s designated judge to show for a judging assignment may result in the disqualification of the school’s entries.

8.  Anyone caught vandalizing a classroom or the campus will cause his ENTIRE squad to be disqualified from the tournament without refund.

9.  Smoking is prohibited!!!  Smoking or use of any illegal substance on campus will result in disqualification.

10.  We shall not be responsible for accidents.


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