2017 Prosper High School TFA Speech and Debate Tournament
Dates: 1/20/2017 - 1/21/2017

Section A: USX, FX, PO, HI, Duet

Section B: PRO, DI, DUO, OO

Section C: CX, LD, PFD

Section D: Congress

Cross Entries:

Students may cross enter in 2 IE's from each section.  Students may not enter both extemp events.  Debate may cross enter in IE section, but may not do more than one event in Section C.  Congress may not enter in Section B or C events. The tournament schedule will not be held up for cross entries. Debate will likely break to quarterfinals. Semis and Finals will be paneled. IE's will break to semi-finals with panels for finals.

Students will be held responsible for making it to their rounds on time. Cross enter at your own risk! 

Congress will be using the TFA docket. Even numbers will be used in prelims, odd numbers will be used in finals. 

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