2017 Mabank Angel Tournament
Dates: 9/16/2017


**PFD event has been cancelled**

Entries will Close 9/13/2017 @ 3:30

Mabank High School Forensics Department
18786 US 175
Mabank, TX 75147 

Dear Forensics Coaches, 

We are thrilled to invite you to attend the 3rd annual Mabank HS Angel Meet.  Our tournament will be held Saturday, September 16th, 2017. 

Novice Events Offered: CX, LD, PFD, and Extemp

Please Bring Angels that will be able to help your students in debate rounds and extemp prep. Topic areas for extemp will be announced Sept 1st or before so students can be assured of information on topics. 

The “Angel Philosophy”: Help Novice competitors ease into debate. 


Each team is to have one “Angel” (experienced debater) with them for all their rounds. 

What an Angel does:

  • is an advisor and mentor
  • may help them flow, decide on strategy, and “prep” them between speeches (extended 15 minutes/side for Round 1; 10 minutes for Round 2)
  • gradually decreases the amount of help given to their debaters as the rounds progress (by Round 3 the debaters are more “on their own”)

What an Angel does NOT:

  •  not their partner. 
  • may not give speeches or portions of speeches or call out prompts (questions, answers, arguments, or suggestions) to debaters who have the floor for a speech. We do not want this to be a case of “My Angel can beat your Angel;”


 This tournament features multiple rounds for your students to get critiques and helpful ballots. We feel that quality competition this early on is critical to the success of students.  Attending this tournament will help all beginning students earn points that can help them become members of the National Speech and Debate Association. To prepare for UIL Congress, we will be conducting 1.5 hours of congressional debate. We encourage coaches who are unfamiliar with the event to jump into the fire and be judges for this excellent activity.  If you have any questions about NTDA or UIL, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can.  We look forward to seeing you!



Anna Rhea
(903) 880-1600 ext. 2122
903-422-1860 - Cell



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