2018 Texas Novice Championship
Dates: 4/21/2018



            Thank you for your interest in the first annual Texas Novice Championship held at Lindale High School.  As we competed throughout the year, we began noticing that opportunities for novice debaters, speakers, and performers were lacking in the second semester.  Competing against so many excellent varsity competitiors gives novice competitors some great competition, but does not necessarily give them a chance to shine.  As many programs turn their focus to their varsity team members as they compete at various postseason tournaments, sometimes novice debaters are forgotten.

            So, we are hosting a novice championship tournament.  This tournament is for NOVICE COMPETITORS ONLY.  Novice is defined as any 7th, 8th, or 9th grade student, OR, any student who is in their first year of competition.  (Note: this does not mean that a student who had competed for one or two years in LD debate, but switched to CX this year can compete at this tournament in CX.)  We will be very big sticklers about this rule and anyone found to have violated it may be removed from the tournament.

            We will offer CX Debate, LD Debate, Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Oral Interpretation (Prose or Poetry).  If you would like to see another event then please email me (mckenziera@lisdeagles.net).  If there is sufficient interest, then we can certainly look at adding the event.

            This will be a one day tournament only, as we pilot this event for 2018.  If there is enough interest (and we hope there is) then we will hopefully expand this tournament in the future.

            We hope to see you on April 21 at Lindale High School!  We are exciting about hosting you.  Please review the tabs at the top of our Joy of Tournaments page to find all of the information you should need to compete.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns.

            My students and I look forward to hosting you!




Rory McKenzie

UIL Coordinator and Speech/Debate Coach

Classroom: (903) 881-4065

Fax: (903) 882-2813

Email: mckenziera@lisdeagles.net


JP Fugler

Speech/Debate Coach

Classroom: (903) 881-4085

Fax: (903) 882-2813

Email: fuglerjp@lisdeagles.net


Evan Bewersdorf and Elizabeth Tagg

Speech and Debate Team Co-Presidents 

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