2017 Katy High School Tournament
Dates: 12/1/2017 - 12/2/2017


Katy Tiger Classic



Dear Colleagues:


We are excited to invite you and your squad to the Katy Tiger Classic IQT, a NIETOC bid tournament!  We take great pride in running a timely, deeply educational tournament with quality judging and excellent hospitality. This year, we have the pleasure of co-hosting with Morton Ranch high school, our Katy ISD neighbor. 


As stated before, the Katy Tiger Classic is a NIETOC bid tournament. In addition to all qualifying IE events, we will also offer POI.  We hope this will improve our region's competitiveness for NSDA and start building demand for these events in TFA!


Our initial entry limits will be relatively low until we secure judges.  Please email me before the Thanksgiving break if you have a school judge to bring and would like your judge fees reduced. 


Please note that schools who do not have a school district employee in attendence with their students will have their teams dropped, with drop fees enforced.  This is an effort to make sure kids are safe and that there is a responsible party in attendence.  If you plan on having another coach from your district look out for your kids, please email me no later than Wednesday 11/22/17 to avoid the drop penalty.


Judges interested in contracting at this tournament should email the coach with qualifications:



We look forward to seeing you in December!


Krista Nix-Buckner and Armando Lopez

Directors of Forensics, KHS and MRHS






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