2018 Burges High School Tournament
Dates: 1/26/2018 - 1/27/2018

Burges High School Invites you to the annual 

TFA Invitational Tournament

                                    January 26-27, 2018


Dear Speech and Debate Coaches:

We cordially invite you and your teams to compete in our tournament held at Burges High School. In the efforts to provide an opportunity for all schools to gain experience and receive feedback as we head into TFA State/U.I.L. season, we proudly offer all official TFA events and Prose/Poetry. All TFA events will be ran and held to the rules clearly stated in the TFA constitution www.txfa.org. Prose and Poetry will be held to UIL rules in terms of time limits (7 minutes 30 sec. grace), however category selection is open.

Entries will be due by Wednesday, January 24, 2018 by 4:00 p.m.  Drops will be allowed without penalty until Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. After that date all drops will accrue fees, double the amount of the original entry fee per event.  In an effort to keep the tournament running smoothly and keep tab in order all changes/substitutions must be submitted in writing to Tab and Judge's Table as soon as a coach arrives to the tournament.  If that round in which that change is made has started there will be an inconvenience fee $5.00 per change applied to that school’s standing. All events will be caped to ensure the proper use of space and judges available. With that said please register as soon as possible and try not to have heavy drops as that deprives other students from competing and trying to achieve that State qualification.

The tournament will begin promptly on time and will use any opportunity to bump up rounds should it be possible, therefore all competitors must be aware and available to attend all rounds. If a student cross enters in multiple events it is at their own risk to make those rounds.  As there are multiple locations for students to leave campus for lunch on Friday it is important that they return on time, as rounds will NOT be held for them to begin.

There will be concessions both days for the students to purchase snacks. On Saturday we will be selling a pancake breakfast to the students for $3 which includes: 2 pancakes, piece of fruit, and cup of juice/coffee. At lunch time on Saturday we will be having a cookout, the students can purchase for $3 a burger with fixing or 2 hot dogs, bag of chips, and a soda/water. Hospitality will be provided for all coaches and judges: Friday- Enchilada Dinner, Saturday- Cereal Breakfast, and Brisket Dinner.  As we are going to do our best to provide excellent care COACHES ARE EXPECTED TO SERVE AS STAND-BY JUDGES AT ALL TIMES.

Important information about Parking for Friday: As we are limited in space we are asking that for Friday only please use the back lot (next to the Football Field) for drop off and pick up during school hours. Congress/ holding area will be held directly next to the lot in the Multi-Purpose Room/Theatre. Thank You in Advance for understanding.

As a community we opt out of awards assemblies, as a result we rarely get an opportunity to recognize our seniors. Coupled with the date conflict between TFA State and One Act Play this year many of our teams are losing our seniors earlier than expected. In light of these facts, as a team we have decided to feature a senior moment, allowing the coaches to all gather and announce their seniors. This is will be held on Saturday before all patterns Semi-Finals are posted, we will ask all coaches to join us in and each call up their seniors, at this time you may offer them a token of appreciation. This is not required; simply a gesture to support our students.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you and wish you all the best of luck!!



Jacklyn Ochoa

Speech and Debate Coach





Fernie Arana

Speech and Debate Assistant Coach





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