2018 Brownsboro Bear Hugs - All UIL Tournament
Dates: 2/10/2018


All entries must be entered on the Joy of Tournament website by Monday, February 5 at 3pm, or until spaces are filled.  We have a limited number of rooms, so plan on entering early!  All entries dropped after Thursday, February 8 at 3:00 will forfeit their entry fees.


·         Missing  Judge                                  $150.00

·         Individual Events Entry                $10.00
    (Extemp, Prose, Poetry)

·         Academic Events                            $10.00

·         LD Entry                                           $20.00

·         CX Entry                                           $30.00


·         CX – One judge for every two entries, or portion thereof.

·         LD – One judge for every four entries, or portion thereof.


·         Prose, Poetry and Extemp – One judge for every six entries, or portion thereof.


*All judges must be entered on the website by Wed. January 31 at 3:00pm or you will

be assessed missing judge fees.  After this time your judge fees will be assessed even if

you bring an extra judge with you.  We need to get an accurate idea of how many judges

to hire.  Provided judges are always preferred to fees.  


·         Cross-Examination Debate - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.

·         Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Resolved: The use of social media as a news source undermines the marketplace of ideas.

·         Prose/Poetry - Round 1 - A; Round 2 - B; Finals - Reader's Choice

Please make checks payable to Brownsboro High School UIL to cover fees.

Please note: Students cross-entering do so at their own risk
 and are responsible for showing up on time for events.  Late competitors could be forfeited from the round.  

The events will be grouped into the following sections:

Section A:

Informative Extemporaneous Speaking
Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking

Debate Events:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Cross-Examination Debate



hospitality room for all coaches and judges will be provided in our new 31E Cafe.  We will be serving breakfast casserole, muffins, fruit for breakfast and chicken spaghetti/salad and dessert for lunch.  Come hungry!  

Tab Room will be located in A116.

We will also offer a concession stand with lunch food items, drinks and snacks for students.  Schools are free to bring their own food or (if time permits) leave campus for lunch and are asked to clean up all trash in tournament common areas.


Awards will be given for the top 6 places in each event.  Top Speaker awards will be given in LD and CX.  Sweepstakes awards (1st - 2nd) will be given to the top two schools, based on the UIL point system for academics.


Teams are asked to wait in the cafeteria areas when not competing.  


Journalism and Ready Writing may use onsite computers or handwrite their entries.  If you plan to use your own laptop, please bring power cords and printers.  


Please park all busses in the student parking lot, which is located to the right after you enter.  Vans and SUVs may park in staff parking - which is to the left of the building.  

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