2018 Yankton High School Tournament
Dates: 1/26/2018 - 1/27/2018

 Yankton High School Forensics

1801 SummitYankton, SD  57078

Phone: 605.665.2073

Fax: 605.655.5948



January 10, 2018

Dear Fellow Coaches: 

This year’s Lewis & Clark Forensics Tournament will be held on January 26-27, 2018.  Events will be held at Yankton High School/Summit Activities Center and the Yankton Middle School.  As usual, our debate parents will be serving great food throughout the two days.  Please plan to eat at the high school because we are running a very tight schedule.

We have changed the schedule significantly this year. We are running all speech events on Friday and all debate events on Saturday.  Also, I apologizge in advance, but we will not be able to offer hired judges this year, so please be sure to fill your judging committments.

We will be offering varsity, JV, and novice policy debate; varsity and novice Lincoln-Douglas debate; and varsity, JV, and novice public forum debate. If a division does not have suffiecient entries, we will collapse divisions after contacting the coaches involved to determine where each debater or team should compete.

Please note that the tournament will be using the February NSDA public forum resolution: Resolved: The United States should abolish the capital gains tax. Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate will use the current NSDA resolutions.

In addition, we will offer the following speech events: dramatic, humorous, duo, program oral interp, informative speaking, varsity and novice original oratory; domestic, international and novice extemp. 

Please make sure to cover the judging requirements for your debate entries.  We will be unable to provide hired judges for either policy or LD.  If you hire judges from schools other than your own, please use the comment section  to make us aware of the school that those judges are from so that we can code them accordingly. Please note that we prefer that college freshmen not judge varsity events. If need arises, we will do our best to ensure that college freshmen not judge high school seniors whom they may have competed against.

We will once again be using the Joy of Tournaments tabulation software and on-line registration.  You may register by clicking on the Yankton link at joyoftournaments.com.  Please complete registration by 6 pm on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 so that we can make sure the school's system and the Joy program are totally compatible.

Fees will be assessed based on the entry as of 6 pm on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.  You will be able to drop competitors or make name changes online until 7 pm Thursday, January 26.  If you need to make any changes after then, please telephone them to us as soon as possible; our school phone is (605) 665-2073. You may also call Leo’s cell (605) 660-1886.   

The registration site will compute the fees, but you still have to write the check.  Please make all checks payable to Yankton High School Debate.

Please review the tournament information on the website.  

We are looking forward to seeing you at Lewis & Clark 2018.

Leo Kallis and Chelsea Brooks

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