2017 University of Mississippi Tournament
Dates: 9/29/2017 - 9/30/2017


Making Payment 

  • We cannot make immediate change if paying with a check over the amount of entry.  We will issue refunds via mail.  
  • We will not register a school that does not have the entry fees or Purchase Order (PO) for us to use to issue an invoice to the school. 
  • Please Make Checks Payable to University of Mississippi (in memo line write Speech & Debate Tournament).  


  • Each school must provide one judge for each two LD debaters or Policy/Public Forum Teams.  Schools that cannot provide adequate judges must pay an additional $25.00 for each LD debater or Public Forum and Policy Team.  


  • Each school must provide one judge for every 7 individual events slots.  Each uncovered slot will cost $20 


  • Note: Coaches should plan to judge.  Each school should provide at least one judge. 


  • Note: Judges hired the day of the tournament are subject to availability and will have a double fee. 


  • Note: Schools with a judge that does not report for a round must pay a $15 per late round fee if the judge cannot be located in a legitimate area (lounge, judging a round, etc.) –MHSAA rule.  No other person can cover for that judge.  Make sure that your judges understand the commitment they make for the tournament day.   

Entry Fees:  

  • $25 per competing student                                                            

Judging fees   

  • $20 for uncovered IE slot 
  • $25 for uncovered debate entries (includes all forms of debate) 

Entry Limits 

  • Students entered in all forms of Debate (including Congress, cannot enter may enter only 1 event in Flight A and 2 events in Flight B. 

  • Students may enter only one type of debate event, including Congressional debate.    


  •  IE students may not enter more than 2 events per flight.    


  • Trophies awarded to finalists in all events and to the schools and individuals earning the best record at the tournament. In addition, the The Rose Bui Memorial Award is awarded to the top performer in 3 or more events with a debate entry counting as 1 of the three events.   


  •  Students may not use a selection they have used prior to the 2017-2918 school year 

  • No student may be a member of more than one duo.  

  • No student may enter the same selection in more than one event.  

  • Any student violating one of these rules will be disqualified in all events involved. 

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