JD Drama Publishing offers scripts for speech tournaments, and theatre. Original Duets, Readers Theatre, HI and DI Interp. Download scripts instantly!
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a comprehensive software package for managing speech tournaments including Debate, Individual Events, Congress, Rooms, Judges, Fees, Results, Sweepstakes, Tabulation, and much more.
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Schools can sign up for your tournament directly on this website.
Tab Room Software
a Windows application that revolutionizes tab room operation.
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State Tournament Dates Status
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #111/4Preparing
TXSISD UIL Practice12/4 - 12/9Preparing
TXKlein Junior HS12/9Preparing
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #212/16Preparing
TXHoly Trinity 14th Annual Celtic Inv1/27Preparing
TXSISD UIL Elem2/2 - 2/3Preparing
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #32/3Preparing
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #43/3Preparing
TXSISD UIL MS4/12 - 4/14Preparing
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #54/14Preparing
TXHISD-UIL Elem Inv #65/19Preparing
104 prior tournaments hidden. show all
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