2017 Rim to Rim Rally
Dates: 12/1/2017 - 12/2/2017

Rim 2 Rim Rally

Twin Falls High School

1615 Filer Ave. East
Twin Falls, ID 83301-3180

Dear Debate & Speech Coaches:

The Magic Valley Teams of Twin Falls and Kimberly cordially invite you and your team to attend the Rim 2 Rim Rally Invitational Tournament.  This year the tournament will again be held at Twin Falls High School in Twin Falls. The tournament will take place on December 1 & 2.  The tournament will feature Speech on Friday and Debate on Saturday.

FOR COACHES ONLY - To celebrate your dedication to your students, your many uncompensated hours of service and your personal sacrifice, we are providing FREE T-SHIRTS for all coaches registered by Monday, NOVEMBER 27th. When you have completed your registration, email your adult t-shirt size to junderwood@kimberly.edu before 4 p.m. on November 27, 2017 and you will have a Rim 2 Rim t-shirt in your packet at registration.  

EVENTS - We offer the following speech events:  Duo Interp, Humorous and Dramatic Interp, Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Oratorical Analysis, After Dinner Speaking, Panel, Program Oral Interp, Impromptu, Retold Story, U.S. and International Extemp., Sales and Radio Speaking. Speech will have three preliminary rounds and a final round. We will offer novice and open divisions of Public Forum, Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate, if entries are sufficient. According to Idaho's definition, the novice division will be restricted to students in their first year of competition. Independent sessions of Congress will be offered on both Friday and Saturday. A student may enter one or both of these sessions but may not enter any other events for that particular day. We will follow the Idaho Debate Code
. Please bear with us as we determine limits for the events offered. We may need to change or cancel certain offerings if they are under-enrolled at the registration deadline.

New Event Rules - We will be using the new rules for Impromptu  that allow competitor to use up to 7 minutes for any combination of prep and speaking. Also, there is a minor change to how topic selection will be handled in Extemp Speaking. These rule changes are included on the speech rules page. 

Students may enter only one debate event and may double enter in speech (excluding panel and draw events) within the team limit of 6 entries per event.

The registration deadline is 4:00 p.m. (MST) on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Please do not assume you are in the tournament until you have been confirmed by the Joy of Tournaments website. Tournament management will use Joy of Tournaments software. 

Judges: Each school must provide one (1) judge for every two (2) policy teams or portion thereof, one (1) judge for every four Lincoln-Douglas AND Public Forum debaters, or portion thereof, and one (1) judge for every five (5) speech entries or portion thereof and one (1) judge for every 10 congress entries or portion thereof. There are very few tournament judges for hire so please make every effort to bring your required amount. If you need to hire judges, please contact Julie Underwood (junderwood@kimberly.edu) or Darlene Eslinger (eslingerda@tfsd.org).

No Show Judge Policy: If a judge provided by a school fails to pick up their assigned ballot for a round, substitute judges will be provided at a charge of $100.00.

Oral Critique Policy: This simply will not be tolerated. The judge's school will be fined $50.00 per occurrence. Please discuss this with your judges prior to the tournament.

Drops and changes: You (the coach) have complete freedom to drop and change up until the deadline of Wednesday @ 4:00. After that a penalty fee of $50.00 is incurred until Friday morning @ 8:00 when the penalty fee will change to $75.00.

Parking:  Please have the buses park in the West parking lots on the far side of the gyms off Locust on Friday. On Saturday, buses may park in the Roper parking lot. 

Concessions: There will be concessions, meal items costing from $3-$6.00 as well as soda machines available.

Miscellaneous: Students are to gather in the cafeteria area. This is where postings will be made. All students should remain in the cafeteria area between rounds and are expected to show respect towards any host-school staff who will be assisting with the tournament. No food or drink is permitted in rooms (except water). This rule applies to both judges and students. No debater may enter a room prior to the assigned judge or they will be dropped from the tournament.



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