2018 IHSAA State Debate Tournament
Dates: 3/9/2018 - 3/10/2018

Idaho High School Activities Association




The Idaho High School Activities Association and its official sponsor, the United Dairymen of Idaho, welcome all debaters, coaches and judges to the 2018 State Debate Tournament.  We hope this tournament will be a positive, educational, and memorable experience for all.



Many thanks to Donnie Drobny, Borah High School for managing and Melinda Schulz, Boise High School for hosting this year's state tournament.  Their efforts and organization are greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Boise High School administrators and staff for providing an excellent facility for the tournament.


Thanks also to the tab room personnel who are spending many hours away from their own students to ensure that the tournament will run smoothly and efficiently.  


We also appreciate the time and efforts of all those who will judge the debates.  Your responsibility is perhaps the most important of all.


Student Supervision / Behavior

Coaches:  Please supervise your debaters and remind them to be on their best behavior at the hotels as well as during the tournament.  Between rounds, students should gather in the designated area.  Personal items/debate materials must not be left in the halls.  Please remind all debaters that they must not enter any contest room until the judge is present.



1.     All rounds at state debate are open.  Exceptions: a) LD and Public Forum competitors shall not observe any rounds until they are eliminated from the tournament; b) Debaters having a bye or forfeit shall not observe rounds during their bye/forfeit time.

2.     Prior to the final round, all observers must be affiliated with one of the participating entries, unless written permission has been granted by the tournament manager.

3.     Observers guilty of disruptive behavior, taking notes or flowing rounds will be removed from the room and will not be permitted to observe subsequent rounds. Observers must turn off all cell phones and other communication devices.

4.     Scouting or providing advance information of an opponentÕs case is prohibited.  Please remember that entries receiving advance information are subject to disqualification.


Ballot Review

The ballot review will take place Saturday after Round 5 in the tab room.  Coaches must remain in the room for the entire review period.  Ballots may not be taken from the room.  Leaving the ballot review indicates acceptance of preliminary round tabulations.


Grievance Procedure

Grievances must be submitted in writing to the tournament manager with specific identification of rule violations and parties involved.  The Grievance Committee's decision will be final.


Food and Drink

Food will be provided by the tournament for judges and coaches only. Concessions will be available for purchase by debaters and observers.   Do not take food or beverages into contest rooms or hallways.  Please dispose of all litter in the proper receptacle.


Please – Keep Boise High School Clean

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