2015 SCDL Spring Novice at Long Beach Poly
Dates: 2/21/2015

Southern California Debate League




IMPORTANT: You must have paid your CHSSA dues,  League dues and any outstanding fees from last school year AND this past FALL SEMESTER  prior to entering this tournament.

Saturday, February 21

Where: Long Beach Poly

IMPORTANT:  You must have paid your Fall fees, CHSSA dues, and League dues prior to entering this tournament.



Events: All California individual events

Judges: Varsity students may judge.  One judge required for every five entries per pattern.

Fees: $2 per entry ($4 for duo)  $10 School fee

Divisions: There are two divisions of competition: Novice and JV


                                                            A FEW REMINDERS


Classification of Novice vs. JV vs. Varsity

1. A student competing for the first time at any time during the SCDL tournament year (Sept-May) is novice regardless of which semester they begin competing.

The next SCDL tournament year (Sept-May) in which the student competes, will be considered that student’s JV year. After the 2nd year, the student is considered varsity. Debate/Congress/Speech are all lumped together ·

Ex.: a student competes at package deal…the clock begins ticking on their “novice status” ·

Ex.: a student competes at Novice Champs only…the clock is about to run out on the student’s novice status ·

Ex.: a student competes at Fall novice during their freshman year and then quits. The student returns as a senior…the student is JV ·

Ex.: a student competes their freshman year at fall debate only then quits the team. The student returns as a senior to compete in Fall Novice speech…the student would be in the JV category.

2. When there is no JV category, JV students must compete varsity. Students can compete up, but they can’t compete down.

3. If a student QUALIFIES for the CHSSA State Championships or the NFL National Championships, the student automatically becomes varsity in all events immediately.

Trophies will be awarded to the top competitor in each event
Top 10% (roughly) will receive Outstanding Ribbons
Top 11-20% (roughly) will receive Excellence Ribbons
    Ribbons will be placed in school packet with critique sheets
Each coach may select an MVP or top student participating at each novice tournament. That student would be recognized at the award ceremony, with a medal, by each individual coach. The medal will say SCDL MVP. It is the coach’s discretion whether or not to give the award.


1.      No food is to be taken into the rooms at any time.

2.      Students are not to enter the rooms without a judge.  Students failing to follow this rule will be disqualified.

3.      Food will be sold at the school throughout the tournament.  You may also chose to bring your own lunch.  Do not plan on leaving campus for lunch as there will not be enough time.

4.      Make sure that you have enough judges at the tournament.  School’s failing to provide the proper number of judges may have some of their entries dropped. NEW SCHOOLS: Check with the large programs, they will probably be able to provide Varsity students who can judge for you.

5.      VARSITY STUDENTS may JUDGE at this tournament.





Ashley Novak, S.C.D.L. President.
e-mail: anovak@ausd.net





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