2018 SCDL State Quals #1 @ CSULB
Dates: 3/2/2018 - 3/3/2018

Southern California Debate League


FOUR-YEAR SENIORS will be recognized at State Quals by the coaches of their teams
Make sure to enter your 4 year seniors in the 4YR "event"

There is no charge for this "event


IF You, the coach of record, are NOT going to be attending the tournament, you must send either an employee representing your school and have them check in your team at the beginning of the tournament.

IF You, the coach of record, are sending a volunteer and/or parent to care for your team.  You MUST have a letter from your school, signed by your principal indicating the person you are sending is the official "chaperone" of your team for the day.  The letter must be turned in to the tournament director prior to the beginning of the tournament.   Failure to do so may result in your student not being allowed to compete

WHOMEVER you put in charge of your team should have the student emergency medical forms / permission slips / parent contact forms for your team.  Protect your students, yourself and your "representative" 


When: Friday, March 2, Saturday, March 3

Where: Cal State Long Beach

Events: All California SPEECH events plus LD and Policy Debate

Patterns:      A pattern  --  All Speech Events

                      B pattern  --  Debate:  LD  - Policy

Students may enter one debate event and 2 speech events

Students can NOT double enter in both extemps 



Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2018 Mar/Apr

Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.



- Entries are due to the Joy of Tournaments website by 5pm on Feb 16.


Judges:  all judges will be provided by CalStateLong Beach – Schools need not bring judges. 

Fees: $8 per entry ($16 for DUO/POLICY) these will be billed after this tournament.


Eligibility: In order to be eligible for competition schools must have:


1. Paid their 2017-18 CHSSA FEES

2. Paid their 2017 FALL BILL

3. Paid their $50 league dues (first year programs exempt)

4. Competed at Spring Varsity, or in the Varsity division at Spring                                                Debate - Schools will get four entries at state quals for each eligible                                            (varsity entry) at Spring Varsity/Spring Debate.

5.  Schools wishing to enter any IE (with the exception of extemp  and impromptu)

must have submitted by Feb. 9th - and had approved- their state quals script complete with the signed official coversheets.

6.  ALL SCRIPT CORRECTIONS must be received                               by Jennifer Nguyen by no later than Feb. 20



Are you a COACH with questions? 

Please contact
Mrs. Nguyen, S.C.D.L. President

e-mail: jennifer.nguyen2@lausd.net



                                                            A FEW REMINDERS

1.      No food is to be taken into the rooms at any time.

2.     Students are not to enter the rooms without a judge.  Students failing to follow this rule may be disqualified.

3.   No student performance may be recorded in any way


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