2018 GGSA IE State Quals
Dates: 3/4/2018

GGSA Member Schools,

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, the Golden Gate Speech Association will be hosting its Individual Events State Qualifying Tournament at James Logan High School, 1800 H Street, Union City, CA.  This tournament is only open to GGSA member schools that have paid their 2017-18 GGSA and CHSSA dues.  (And please note that your school's CHSSA dues must be paid no later than Saturday, February 17, 2018 in order to be eligible to compete at this tournament).

COMPETITORS: The tournament will offer 10 bids in IX; 9 bids in NX, OA, EXP and TI; 8 bids in IMP, OO, OPP, DI, HI, OI and DUO.

• We ask that you enter only competitors whom you think have the potential to qualify to the state tournament.  And only enter students who are committed to competing at the state tournament if they win a qualifying slot.  Do not use the qualifier as an opportunity to get your novice speakers some experience. This is a VARSITY-ONLY tournament.

SCRIPT SUBMISSION/REVIEW: For all scripted events (everything other than Impromptu and Extemp), scripts with COMPLETED CHSSA cover sheets must be submitted electronically using the form on this website by the entry deadline on Feb. 9, 2018.  WARNING: INCOMPLETE OR ILLEGAL SCRIPTS MAY LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION, SO PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SUBMIT ONLY COMPLETE AND LEGAL SCRIPTS. After reviewing the information on this website (see tab above), contact IE co-Director Kristen Plant with any questions.

DOUBLE ENTRY: Students may double-enter AT THEIR OWN RISK, but they must submit the signed single entry letter of intent (see tab above) at tournament registration. Any student who misses a round due to double-entry will be given a 5 in that round. Extemp prep time that is missed due to double-entry WILL NOT be adjusted. Students may not triple-enter.

IMPROMPTU EXCEPTION TO DOUBLE ENTRY RULE: Students at the IE qualifier who enter in Impromptu AS A SECOND EVENT, must have competed in Varsity Impromptu at least once during the current school year at a GGSA preliminary tournament. Students for whom Impromptu is their only event may enter without having competed in that event during the year.  However, as adopted at the January 2011 coaches meeting, each school is also given three wild cards allowing students who have not competed in Varsity Impromptu during the current school year to double-enter in Impromptu at the IE qualifier.

• LOGISTICS: There will be three preliminary rounds and a semi-final round. The size of the semi-final round will be the number of bids available doubled or 14, whichever is smaller.  This year (2018), given the number of available bids in each event, we will advance 14 students to semi-finals in every event.

• Arrive by 8:15 AM, with the first round to start by 9:00 AM. The semi-final round usually starts by 5:00 PM, with the awards ceremony occuring as soon as possible thereafter.

• Entry fees are $22 per event, $32 per duo team.

• Food will be provided for the students for a fee. Coaches and judges will have food provided for them at no cost.

• Students will be expected to dress appropriately: ties and dress shoes for boys and modest skirts or pants-suits for girls. Students must show respect for the facility and each other.

• JUDGES: Every team must fulfill their judging requirement of one judge for every two entries. If you have three entries, you need two judges. Normally, our league is pretty lax on schools that fail to bring enough judges.  However, at this tournament, if a school does not bring their required allotment of judges, we will reduce a school's entries to equal the number of judges present.  This will be done in a manner that is easiest for tabbing and will save the most judges.

• In addition to the judging requirement, every team must bring one qualified adult -- usually the coach -- to assist with the running of the tournament.

• ENTRY DEADLINE: Please make every effort to finalize your entries by 5 PM on Friday, February 9, at which time fees will be assessed.  Students entered after this deadline will be put on a waitlist and admitted only if space allows and script submission is completed properly.  Drops made by 5PM on Wednesday, Feb. 28 will receive a credit equal to 50% of the entry fee.  Drops made after that time will be charged the full entry fee. NO LATE ADDS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Thank you for empowering students through speech!


Kimberly FradelisJustin Kurup, and Kristen Plant

GGSA Directors of Individual Events


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