2017 GGSA Debate 1 (PuFo, LD) @ Santa Rosa
Dates: 10/8/2017



If you have any feedback or concerns about a ballot, please follow the following Guidelines for Communication:
Assume best intent.  Judges in the Golden Gate Speech Assoc. are volunteering their time to empower students through speech and debate.
Contact your student's coach with questions or concerns.  Your coach will investigate and get back to you.

Coaches should seek guidance from the league president as to how to pursue concerns.



Novice Public Forum Round 1

Novice Public Forum Round 2

Novice Public Forum Round 3

Novice Public Forum Results


JV Public Forum Round 1

JV Public Forum Round 2

JV Public Forum Round 3

JV Public Forum Results


Varsity Public Forum Round 1

Varsity Public Forum Round 2

Varsity Public Forum Round 3

Varsity Public Forum Results

Note: Round 2 ballot bug for VPF has now been fixed. 



Novice LD Round 1

Novice LD Round 2

Novice LD Round 3

Novice LD Results


JV LD Round 1

JV LD Round 2

JV LD Round 3

JV LD Results


Varsity LD Round 1

Varsity LD Round 2

Varsity LD Round 3

Varsity LD Results



To view ballots for Policy Debate, please log in to your account at www.tabroom.com. 

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