2017 Fullerton Winter Classic
Dates: 12/16/2017


Fullerton Winter Classic 2017 
December 16, 2017. 

Forensics Community, 

The Fullerton High School Speech and Debate Team would like to warmly invite you to the Fullerton Winter Classic to be held on December 16th at Fullerton High School in Fullerton, California!!
We are super excited to announce that our tournament is a Kentucky TOC Bid tournament AND a NIETOC bid tournament! The bid system for both national tournaments is broken down on the information tab above. 

We will be offering a plethora of Individual Events and Student Congress. All individual speech events offered include: DI, Expos, Duo, OA, Ext, OI, HI, OO, IMP, OPP, TI (POI), and Prose/Poe. All categories will finish by Saturday evening. We pride ourselves on being a one-day tournament! Our goal is to provide all students, coaches, and judges with a positive experience. Every year, we strive to ensure the tournament is run on time, judges are well fed, and students have great competition!

The speech schedule will feature two preliminary rounds with a semi-final round (for some), and a final round for all events. We will be awarding all speech finalists in all events. All students who break to SS of Student Congress will also receive an award. Students in Congress cannot double enter in any pattern of speech. We will be offering national style Student Congress—each chamber will be three hours long and priority cards will not be used. This is great practice for students who compete at Harvard, NCFL, and NSDA. Congress will break to a final Super Session.

One judge is needed for every six slots entered. We prefer schools provide judges instead of paying the judge fee. However, in the case a school cannot provide a judge, the fee is $20.00 per speech entry. When we have enough judges, we can ensure the tournament runs on time. For this reason, your judges must stay for the entire time they are allotted to judge. If a judge is a “no show,” we reserve the right to pull students from competition of all schools who have failed to meet their judging requirements.

Registration will be in the staff cafeteria between 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. Please ensure all judges report to the staff cafeteria by 7:25 a.m. for instruction and ballot distribution. Fullerton will gloriously feed all coaches and judges, and a snack bar will be selling food for students to purchase lunch/dinner.

Please do not hesitate to ask for any questions of clarification. The plan is to have Congress bills posted by Nov 14th. We can’t wait to see our speech community together again! 


Pricilla Merritt

Director of Forensics
Fullerton Speech & Debate Team
Fullerton Union High School
(714) 626-5471

Maurice Cunningham 
Assistant Director of Forensics 


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