2018 Cheyenne South Bison Stampede
Dates: 11/30/2018 - 12/1/2018

Cheyenne South High School
Bison Stampede
November 30th - December 1st, 2018

Novice/Varsity Tournament


Welcome! We are excited to invite you to the 2018 Bison Stampede Tournament at South High School. Thank you for choosing our tournament for your students to compete at, we look forward to seeing you!  In the event of a weather emergency we will notify coaches of delays or cancellations through Joy of Tournaments email. Please note that students may not enter the school before 12:30, our school day will be ending at noon and we would like to be able to get the South High students off of the campus.

ENTRY LIMITS: We are limiting initial entries to 4 per event in Novice and Varsity sections. We want to ensure every team has room at the tournament and not overload the facility. We will be accepting wait-list entries as we go. Please wait-list all other entries, in preference order. We will allow doubling within a pattern, but no tripling within a pattern. Judges will be instructed to wait 15 minutes for competitors but after that time limit has passed they will count the student as a no show.


The LD topic used will be the NFL November/December topic

The PF topic used will be the NFL December topic

IMPORTANT!:  Student Congress legislation must be submitted before November 15th at 5pm, or will not be included in the docket. Each school may submit 5 bills for priority and additional bills will be added to the end of the docket. The docket will be set by one of our coaches and available for download on Monday, November 26th. All legislation should be in a Google Drive file format Submit all legislation by email to johndrichardson23@gmail.com. 

Big Question Debate:

We will be offering Big Question debate and hope that you will take this opportunity to sign students up for the event.  It will be offered in the HOPE Pattern to encourage students to debate in both flights.  This will NOT be an additional fee and we are working hard to have students from Laramie County School District #1 compete as well. Please email Rachel Christoph with any additional questions.

WHO GETS AWARDS: Varsity trophies will be given to the top three places in all IE's,. Ribbons will be given to the bottom 3 places in all IE'sNovices will recieve ribbons for the Top 3 places and certificates for the bottom three. In congress, the first place speaker from each house will receive a trophy and the bottom five will recieve ribbons.  The top two debate teams/debaters will receive trophies.  Sweepstakes trophies will be given for the top two places in 4A, 3A, and 1A/2A.  

ENTRY FEESThis year we will not be charging a school fee. Event entries will be $8 per single participant event and $13 for the CX, PF, and DUO teams. We have lowered our fees to accomodate teams of all sizes but please contact us if there are any issues.  

DEADLINES:  Final billing will be calculated at 8am on November 30th.  After that time drops will be accepted with no refunds.  Drops at registration will be assessed at $5.00 per dropped entry .  Avoid this fee by calling/texting/emailing in drops to Rachel Christoph at the number below by 6pm on Thursday, November 29th.

FOOD:  We are working to have meals available for purchase as well as a great concessions stand and vouchers will be accepted. Information on a purchased meal plan will be availble by early November. Our judges/coaches lounge will have meals and snacks available for the judges, coaches, and bus drivers. 

JUDGING:  As we are a new school with a new program, our judging pool is not as deep as others (pun intended) and we are working hard to expand our volunteer judges. We also look forward to using any judges you bring. Our judging requirement is that you bring at least 2 judges who can judge both on Friday and Saturday. You must bring a CX judge if you bring more than one CX team. You must also bring at least 2 Varsity judges if you have students entered in Novice competition.

DECORUM:  You are expected to monitor your team. Take breaks and visit the lounge, but please make sure your team is chaperoned. Any damage, theft, or other poor behavior will result in our losing the option of using our facility to host meets. Students will NOT be allowed to play basketball or other types of sports games in the gym.  

We really look forward to seeing you at our meet!  



Rachel Christoph 


Head Coach   

(210) 773-9432




JD Richardson  

Assistant Coach  



Theresa Huff  

Assistant Coach 

(307) 286-5053










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