2019 TFA State
Dates: 3/14/2019 - 3/16/2019
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This page is used to ENTER judge paradigms.

Only judges which have already been hired by the tournament (HIRED JUDGES), or judges who will be fulfilling a school judging obligation (SCHOOL JUDGES) should enter paradigms here.

If you are not a HIRED JUDGE or a SCHOOL JUDGE your paradigm will be ignored. DO NOT use this page to indicate your interest in being a hired judge. DO NOT use this page to volunteer to judge at the tournament.

HIRED JUDGES: All hired judging agreements are handled by the Vice President (John Mast). If he has indicated to you that you are a hired judge, this is the correct place for you to enter your paradigm. If he hasn't indicated to you that you will be hired, then you need to contact him directly. Filling out a paradigm will not place you on the list to be considered for hiring. If you want to be hired, you must contact John Mast first. Once he indicates that you will be hired, THEN you should enter your judging paradigm(s) here.

SCHOOL JUDGES: If you are fulfilling a judging obligation for a school, you may enter your paradigm(s) here. The school may be paying you to fulfill their obligation and in that sense you may consider yourself a "hired" judge, but as far as the tournament is concerned, you are still a "school" judge. TFA will not be paying you to judge (even though you may be "hired" by a school).


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