2020 San Augustine High School Tournament
Dates: 2/8/2020

San Augustine High School

Dear UIL Coordinator/Sponsor:

San Augustine High School is proud to announce their sixth annual  Academic Invitational Meet on Saturday, February 8, 2020. We will be using UIL Set B materials. Please note that Poetry/Prose will be readers choice. Also note our fees. We are keeping fees low as our goal is not to profit but to give kids experience before district.

We will offer all UIL events except CX; computer science will be objective only.

Registration: Please register via Joy of Tournaments (www.joyoftournaments.com).

Deadline: Please have all entries to us by 2:00 pm on Wednesday, February 5. You may make substitutions after this date, but late drops will result in the loss of your entry fee.

Entry fees: $10 per each academic event and each individual speaking event (i.e. Poetry/Prose/Extemp). Debate fees will be  $15 for LD Debate. Please make checks payable to San Augustine High School and bring them on the day of the contest.

Tests: All tests will come from UIL except spelling which will come from a third-party vendor.

Limits: We will accept unlimited entries in all events as follows. Computer Applications has a limit of 4 entries. Up to 8 Entries are allowed in individual speaking events as long as adequate judges are provided and you understand you may have students competing against each other in the same rooms. Debate will be limited to 4 entries per school per event. (If you have a special need on number of entries, please email and if room permits, we will make accommodations for additional entries.)

Conflicts: Please note that while we closely follow the Academic Conflict Pattern, it is not exact. Please check the schedule closely when entering students. If you would like to enter a student in two events that conflict, please contact me directly via email, and I will see if we can work out a plan to offer the test to your student at an alternative time. Our goal is to provide practice to your students, and we will do that the best that we can even if it means offering the test at a different time for some of your kids.

Judging/Grading: You should provide a grader for each testing event that you have students competing. For speech events, 1 judge is required for every 6 entries per event. For debate, 1 judge is required for every 2 entries or portion thereof. Please make an effort to provide your judges; however if you are unable to do so, we have a limited number available for the cost of $75 per judge.

Awards: Awards will be given to the top 6 places in each event as well as team awards for applicable events.

Hospitality: A student concession stand will be provided as well as a hospitality room for coaches and judges.

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,

Guy Harrison

UIL Coordinator



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