2018 Princeton High School Angel Tournament
Dates: 9/8/2018


Princeton High School

Angel Tournament

1000 E. Princeton Dr.

Princeton TX, 75407

Entry Deadline: Wednesday September 5 at 3:00 pm

Drop fees will incur: Friday September 7 at noon


Welcome coaches and debaters. Princeton High School would like to invite you to our Angel Tournament on September 8, 2018. We will offer CX, LD, Prose, Poetry, and Congressional Debate for your novice students to compete in, accompanied by a Varsity Debate Angel to aid them through their first rounds.

Prose and Poetry: The judge will be instructed to allow 15 minutes per speaker to perform and give notes in the first round and 10 minutes in the second round. Speaker preference on Category A or B.

CX and LD: Each debate team should also be accompanied by an angel (varsity debater) for all their rounds. The angel is their advisor and mentor, but should not be their partner. The angel may help them flow, decide on strategy, and prep them between speeches. The angel should not give speeches or portions of speeches or call out prompts (questions, answers, arguments, or suggestions) to debaters who have the floor for a speech. In round one, prep time will be extended to 15 minutes for CX and 8 minutes for LD. In round two, prep time will be extended to 10 minutes for CX and 6 minutes for LD. We urge the angel to gradually decrease the amount of help they give their debaters as the rounds progress.

Congress: We will offer one 3 hour session of Congress. The judge will serve as the angel here and be instructed to help students run through opening and closing procedures as well as provide assistance as needed throughout the session. Students who enter Congress

Judges: 1 judge per 5 speakers or portion thereof. 1 judge per two debate teams or portion thereof. A student who has participated for 3 years or more may act as a judge if they are not an angel.


CX: $25 per team
LD: $15 per debater 
Congress and Interp: $7 per competitor 
After the deadline debate will have a $15 drop fee and lose the entry fee.

Students may not cross enter events. 

Hospitality and Concessions will be available for coaches and students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


Heather Stringer
UIL Coordinator

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