2018 Pampa High School Tournament
Dates: 11/3/2018

This tournament has been cancelled.


Annual Meet of the Muse


We cordially invite you attend the annual Meet of the Muse in Pampa, Texas on November 3rd, 2018. 

We will be offering two preliminary round for all events and three preliminary rounds for debate events.

We will offer more than your usual tournament; we encourage you to partake in our Lip Sync Battle that we have created for coaches and participants with down time. Schools entering this contest may do so free of charge. The video must be sent in before Novemeber 1st. Videos will be compiled and a digital online voting system will be set up for students and coaches. The winning school will recieve a trophy during awards. The ancient Greeks believed in the concept of Arete – may you find yours here. Excellence is a virtue and our epic journey to the classical world will invigorate you on your heroic journey toward State.

We will offer the following TFA / NSDA events: Foreign Extemp, Domestic Extemp, Impromptu, Informative, Original Oratory, Humorous Interpretation, Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, POI, Duet Acting, Poetry, Declamation, Congressional Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, World School Debate and Policy Debate. Consolation events will be offered in Impromptu and Cold Reading.

All entries will be via Joy of Tournaments at joyoftournaments.com

A portion of concession will provide funds for the West Texas Speech Association scholarship fund.

Event info

LD- The NSDA topic for Nov/Dec LD will be used. 

CX- TFA rules.

Student Congress- Please check PO candidates in the proper box on the entry from. Legislation for the Fall is posted on at txfa.org. Prelims will be odd Bill numbers, finals will be even Bill numbers. Congress entries will be limited to maintain one morning session to accomodate an opportunity for World School in the afternoon.

World School Debate - World School Debate will compete in the afternoon opposite of Student Congress.

Cross Entries

While admiration exists for those students who desire the challenge and demands of cross entries, please be mindful that it is the responsibility of each student to make it to the rounds as scheduled. We will not delay rounds for cross entered students. Extemp must compete in the correct order.


* Cell phoned must be off during rounds. Penality can be disqualification if your phone rings during round.

* Students who compete in the wrong rooms will be disqualified.

*  Extemp topics will be checked. If a student speaks on a topic that is different from the one that he / she chooses they will then be ranked last in that room.

*  The tab room will be closed. There will be paneled judges for out rounds.

Awards and Sweepstakes

Trophies will be given to the top six finishers in each of the individual events and debate. Top eight in Congress. Top three schools for sweepstakes. Two individual awards will be given.

Entry Guidelines

All Texas Forensics Association rules will be followed. This is a TFA State qualifying tournament for member schools. Please enter as soon as possible, as the deadline for entries is November 3rd.

General Rules

An adult sponsor must be on campus with your group at all times.

The tab and hospitality room will be open to adults ONLY.

A team or competitor more than 15 minutes late to a round, through no fault of the tournament, will forfeit. 


Pampa High School
111 East Harvester
Pampa, TX 79065

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