2018 Wylie-North Lamar TFA @ Wylie HS
Dates: 9/29/2018





Wylie High School and North Lamar High School

Proudly present

The Wylie-North Lamar IQT

Saturday, September 29th, 2018


Wylie High School

2550 West FM 544

Wylie, TX. 75098





Events offered:  


Pattern A:  Oratory, HI, Informative, POI, Prose
Pattern B: Extemp, DI, Poetry, DUO
Debate: Policy, Novice Policy, LD, Novice LD, PF, Congress


Cross Entries:  


We are trying something a little different for this tournament.  Students who are entered in debate events may not enter Pattern A events, but my register for Pattern B events.  Following the preliminary rounds, any student who advances to the elimination bracket of their given debate event will be dropped from their Pattern B events.  All Pattern A events will run in the morning.  All Pattern B events will run in the afternoon.  Please check the schedule closely.  ENTRY FEES WILL BE ADJUSTED TO REFLECT THE DROPS IF STUDENTS ADVANCE IN DEBATE EVENTS.

A student may cross-enter at his/her own risk; we will not hold rounds for students who have cross entered.  We have tried to schedule in such a way as to allow students to compete in several contests. However, we will begin rounds on time as much as possible – it will be the student’s responsibility to make sure that he/she makes the rounds as they are scheduled.  Please keep this in mind when cross-entering students. In extemp, a student will not be given extra prep time if he/she is late due to entry in another event. Extempers who are cross-entered in other Section B events should go to extemp first.

Judging Requirements 

CX Debate – 1 judge for every two entries or portion thereof.  
LD Debate – 1 judge for every four entries or portion thereof.
PF Debate – 1 judge for every two entries or portion thereof.
Extemp - 1 judge for every five entries or portion thereof.
Interp - 1 judge for every five entries or portion thereof.

Congress - 1 judge


Notes on judge requirements:


Please note that our schedule allows for little flexibility in our judging requirements.  Our judging fees are high because we want your judges, not your money.  Please help us run an efficient tournament by providing judges who are willing to judge.

 Judges must be available for the entire day.  Judges who miss an assignment will incur $75 fee for each assignment missed because we will be forced to pay a hired judge to fulfill your judging obligation.  Fees will be invoiced to your school. 

 Ballots should be picked up no later than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the round.

 Partial entries require full judges.  For example:  an entry that includes 3 LDers and 3 policy debaters would require 3 judges (1 for LD and 2 for CX).

Debate judges may not judge in any other pool.


Drop fees:  Beginning Wednesday, September 26th, the following drop fees will occur:

Debate entries:  double the entry fee   
ALL I.E.'s:  loss of entry fee

Entry DeadlineTuesday, September 25th, 2018 @11:59pm.

Awards: We will be presenting 1st – 6th trophies for all events along with Sweepstake and Runner-up Sweepstake trophies.

Entry Fees: 
Policy and PF teams:  $40.00 per team
LD:  $30.00 per LD entry
Duo: $40 per team
All other events:  $20.00 per entry 

Judge Fees

Debate Judge:  $200
IE judge:  $150 

Hospitality Fee:
  A $30.00 hospitality fee will be applied to all schools.

Please make checks payable to: 

Wylie High School Debate Booster Club


Other notes on events:

Judge panels:  Quarterfinals of debate events (if necessary) will not be paneled.  Semi-finals and finals of all TFA qualifying events will be paneled.  Semis and Finals of prose and poetry will not be paneled.  

Brackets will not be broken in any debate event.

Congress will be using the Fall, 2018 TFA docket.  We will use the even numbered pieces of legislation in prelims and the odd numbered pieces of legislation in finals.


All IE'S, Duo/Duet: 1st - 20 2nd - 15 3rd – 10 Finals - 5, Semis - 3

Congressional Debate: 1st – 20, 2nd – 15, 3rd – 10, Finals - 5, Semis- 3

Debate 1st – 20, 2nd – 15, 3rd – 10, 4th -5

Quarters (if necessary)  – Win – 3 points, Non-advancing 1 point

Prelim win - 1 point

We hope to see you in Wylie on September 29!

Kristi Hodgkiss - North Lamar HS
 Travis Hiltbrunner - Wylie HS

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