2019 NTDA Qualifier Championship
Dates: 3/8/2019 - 3/9/2019

North East Texas Debate Association

NTDA Qualifiers Championship Meet


Hallsville High School

616 Cal Young Rd

Hallsville, TX 75650



Friday, March 8, 2019



Deadline for entries is Monday, March 4, 2019. 



CX $40

LD $20

Informative/Persuasive $20

Poetry/Prose $20

Congress $20

Missing Debate Judge $150

Missing IE/Congress Judge $100

Judge Bond* $75

*We prefer for this to be a separate check.  That way, after the tournament, we can return it to you very easily.  Pending the outcome of the business meeting, you may receive the option to rollover your NTDA dues for the next school year.  If you do have your judge bond revoked for missing a round, failing to substitute a missing judge, etc then you will not be able to rollover. 

Because we are a scholarship tournament, we MUST receive payment at the tournament to allow your entries to compete.  Please email me if you are confused about this requirement.

Make Checks out to: Northeast Texas Debate Association (NTDA)



Districts are not protected at NTDA Championships.

CX Topic = 2018-19 Topic

LD Topic = UIL Spring 2019 Topic

Congress = TFA Spring Docket will be used.  In session one we will debate domestic policy: 7,17,22,23.  In session two we will debate foreign policy: 1,2,9,11.  In the event that only one session is necessary, we will defer to the topics meant for session two (session one topics can be used once the session two topics are exhausted.)


Judges Required:

1 for each 2 CX or 2 LD or part thereof

1 for each 6 extempers

1 for each 6 prose/poetry

1 for each school entered in Congress (Judge may serve as a clerk or be moved to another pool.)

We reserve the right to refuse entries that are not accompanied with judges.

All judges are obligated ONE ROUND PAST your student's elimination.  This is the condition of your judge bond.  Whenever possible, we will attempt to utilize hired judges, but because this is a scholarship tournament, we do not have the ability to hire a ton of extra hired judges.  We are happy to offer $25/round to school judges who are asked to exceed thier judging obligation.



***Due to the status of the organization, entry to the tournament is OPEN.  All schools who enter must be NTDA members, but any students from member schools may participate.***

For questions about qualifiers or rules of the tournament, please see the other tabs or email Rory McKenzie directly.



Scholarship awarded to places 1-4 in each debate event and 1st - 3rd place in congress, informative/persuasive extemp and poetry/prose

  • 1st - $300.00
  • 2nd - $200.00
  • 3rd/Debate Semifinalists - $100.00


Contact Information for questions:

Rory McKenzie - mckenziera@lisdeagles.net - 903-881-4065 (classroom) or 903-245-9150 (cell phone)


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