2020 McCamey High School Tournament
Dates: 1/25/2020

McCamey High School

Invitational Academic Meet 2020
PO Box 1069          McCamey, TX 79752
(432) 652-3666      Fax: (432) 652-4245

McCamey High School would like to invite you to participate in our Invitational Academic UIL meet on Saturday, January 25, 2020.  We will be hosting academic, journalism, and speaking events not including computer science, computer applications or debate. We will be using materials from Hexco for several contests, math and science tests will come from TMSCA, and topics for speaking events will come from UIL (Set A materials).  Journalism prompts will come from an independent test writer. 

Judges and Fees:

Fees:       Speaking events $15 per contestan
All other events $10 per contestant

Judges:   1 Judge for every 4 I/E Speakers or   $50 per judge (1-4 speakers = 1 judge or $50, 5-8 speakers = 2 judges or $100, etc.)                                

Entries & Drops:

Entries will need to be entered on this website: www.joyoftournaments.com/tx.mccamey.  Entries should be submitted by Tuesday, January 21, 2020.  All drops should be made by Wednesday, January 22, 2020.   

Speaking Entries:

Each school is allowed 3 entries per speaking contest.  We will have prelims and finals according to the number of contestants. 


We are going to do the spelling test on computers again this year.  We will limit the number of participants to 50. Each student taking the spelling test will need to bring his or her own earphones.


Students may cross-enter at their own risk.  However it is up to the student and sponsor to check for conflicts and get to their contest on time.  Upon prior approval, students may be late to an event.  This is up to each contest director and the contest will end at the scheduled time for all students.


Medals will be awarded to top 3 in each event, to the members of each 1st place team, and to the top scorers in the 3 science divisions. Ribbons will be awarded to 4th – 6th places.  Math and science contests will be divided by grade level.  Plaques will be awarded to 1st place teams.  Trophies will be awarded to top 3 schools.  There will not be an awards ceremony.

All coaches must help grade their respective events except writing and speaking contests.  We may also need several coaches to help monitor contests.  A hospitality room will be available for coaches, sponsors, and bus drivers in the library.

Our gym will be open all day for students to relax when they are not testing.  Please direct your students there while they are not testing to keep the testing environment quiet.

Lunch meal deals will be provided by the McCamey PTO and will be available from the concession stand at the high school gym.  Meals will cost $7.00 per person.  Please contact Becky Carrillo to set up a charge account for your students.  Her email address is rcarrillo@mcisd.esc18.net.

If you have any questions concerning the meet, please email me at jesbrooks@mcisd.esc18.net.

Thank you,

Jessica Brooks
UIL Coordinator
McCamey High School

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