2017 Marshall HS Tournament
Dates: 12/9/2017
  Marshall High School
Wonderland of Lights Invitational 
Tournament Information
Marshall HS
1900 Maverick Dr
Marshall, TX 75670
Kenneth Adcock, adcockkw@marshallisd.com, 817-240-7930
Tournament Stuff:
  1. Registration packets will include copies of the schedule, preliminary sectioning, and maps of the campus.
  2. Please make all checks/PO's payable to: Marshall Speech and Debate Team, 1900 Maverick Dr. Marshall, TX 75670, Attn: Kenneth Adcock. We will have great food for all coaches, judges, and drivers in RM 221.
  3. We will have a concession for students all day which will feature mealtime options as well as snacks and drinks. 
  4. Extemp Draw will be in the library (this is subject to change).
  5. Students may gather in the cafeteria between rounds.
  6. Marshall HS is a smoke-free, weapon-free campus, students or coaches who violate this rule will be escorted from campus and disqualified from the tournament.
  7. Tab will be held in room RM 211. Tab staff WILL NOT deal directly with coaches, if you have a question or concern please speak with Mr. Adcock. Ballots will be available in a timely manner to all coaches/sponsors.
  8. Remind your students: DO NOT enter rooms unless a judge is present, students caught violating laws or UIL rules of conduct risk disqualification and/or removal from the Marshall HS campus.
  9. Please note that food is not allowed in any of the  classrooms on our campus. Coaches, judges and students will need to refrain from eating anything outside of the cafeteria and hospitality rooms.

Entries:  Entry fees are nonrefundable as of 5 pm, Wednesday, December 6, 2017. Changes may be made to the entry until 12:00 pm, Thursday, December 7, 2017. Changes after the 12/6/17 deadline MUST be emailed to Kenneth Adcock at adcockkw@marshallisd.com. Drops after Noon on 12/6/17 will be charged 2x the entry fee. Day-of drops will be charged 3x the original entry fee. Schools with day-of drops will be required to sign an Intent to Pay form in order to register their teams.

JUDGING: Each school will be required to provide judges (1 per 3 entries). Schools will be charged a $150 fee for uncovered judges.

Substitutions ARE NOT drops and will incur no fines as long as the coach notifies Mr. Adcock prior to the start of the first round of the event(s) affected.
Cross Entries: See the Schedule page for cross entry restrictions
Rules:  All UIL events will follow UIL Rules. There will be no formal documentation check but scripts and manuscripts must be available to the tournament director upon request.
CX Topic-Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially              increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary                                education in the United States. 
UIL LD topic-RESOLVED: The United States federal government has a moral obligation to                                                             provide universal health care for its citizens.
Prose & Poetry will follow UIL Rules with no grace period.
All Interp Events: Schools are required to provide documentation to the tournament directors                 
in the event of a challenge. In preparation for upcoming district meets, Mr.Adcock will be                        available to answer any UIL documentation questions and check documentation for any                            schools who would like to do so.
Medals for finalists placing 1st-6th in all events.

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